Why was 6 afraid of 7

Weekly Summary 6 Post

  1. Radio Show Progress: For our radio show this week, we came up with a name, and background story. We met this morning to discuss dialogue and more of the story. I posted about our progress yesterday, but since then we have agreed on a lot more. Anyway, I don’t wanna give too much away, so I’ll stop there!
  2. Radio Show Design Project: I created a bumper sticker to promote our radio show and blogged about it here. It includes a photo that I took of the snow on campus.
  3. Radio Listen-along: I listened in to the radio show on Thursday night and tweeted along. I liked the second story a lot more because it seemed more creepy, mysterious, and exciting. Some tweets are shown below

and the tweet that I was beaten to (my favorite of the night)

4. Comments (at least 10)

1. Brianne’s maNOIRpulator poster, 2. Kendall’s Can you feel it?, 3. Neo-noir and progress by Jsteward, 4. It’s like karaoke,  5. Slamina, 6. more maNOIRpulators, 7. cat calls, 8. mr grumpy gills, 9. icons,  10. fatale’s mystery


5. Audio Assignments (10 stars-5 related to characters):

The Reversed Song Quiz (2 1/2 stars) in which I reversed a song I like and gave 3 hints to see if anyone could guess it.

Sound Scapes (4 1/2 stars) in which I related a sound scape/sound story to my character Edie.

Make is 800% slower (3 stars) in which I slowed down the song Right Now Na Na Na to make it more ambient.

Autotune Something (1 1/2 stars) in which I autotuned a chainsaw that relates to my character through my sound scape post.



And all that sums up the week! This week was actually more fun that I thought and I can’t wait to keep working on and developing our radio show!!

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