My week 9 triumphs:

  • My Radio Show Final Reflection. In this post I review my thoughts on our radio show, the MaNOIRpulators. 
  • 2 daily creates Mondays- staircase to your dream, and Wednesdays- recycle junk mail
  • Radio Show Tweet Along and Blog. This week I listened to “Get A Clue.” It was a really good show and I loved how they used monologues.
  • Learning How to Read a Movie and Applying this in a Video Essay- this was one of the hardest things this week because I ran into some trouble downloading clips and getting them into my video. It was also hard to get/find the clips I wanted to use from the movie. I actually had to go with my second choice of scenes, which made me glad that I had actually made sure to select a few.
  • Made a Choice- hopefully the right one- to do 8 stars of assignments. I did 10
  • and set up a character category (proof below) and here is a link: Edie Waz
    • Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.43.03 PM
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