Cause 7 was intimidating

(the title of this post answers the question of week 6’s title.)

Weekly Summary 7! How has it already been 7 weeks??

This week we had to complete

3 daily creates

Joy  where I shared a video of 5 things that bring me joy including my adorable noir cat! :)

(2) Lady eagles in which i made an action photo of myself. this post also includes my 3rd daily create, the alternative high heel where I made a heel using my pillow pet.

10 more comments

1. I commented on this video on youtube: (I didn’t embed this to avoid making it look like my work)

2. dailycreates        3.  heels tdc     4.  action    5.   emojis and heels   6.  more heels   7. powers  8. intense emojis  9.  why so serious  10.   warning

our second radio show progress post


and finally our finished radio show!

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