8 simple rules

for week 8 i made my character’s twitter and email, and promoted it myself


did my radiolisten and listened to house of noir as well as noir we there yet. I also listened in and tweeted alone to our show the MaNOIRpulators!

I got inspired by July LaszakovitsAmanda Laytonkkroehl (Kim), and Stephanie Henderson!

3 dailycreates which i discuss here

10 stars of assignments in which i collaborated with July again. We did a storymap (4) that depicts a trip our characters took and then took that a step further by using a random word story (3) to give it detail. Lastly, we did Who Called? (4) which was a phone call where our characters first communicated. Although out of order, we used this call to set up their trip. So in total this week we did 11 stars :)


onetwothreefourfive,  sixseveneightnine, and

and my comment on this photo makes the tenth:

Self Portrait



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