The first post I chose for Inspire was July Laszkovits’s audio assignment post: DNA: A Poetry Reading.

I was on July’s page looking for posts about her noir character because we plan on meeting this evening to work on our 10 collaborative character stars. One of our mutual friends who knew we were both in the class had previously given us each other’s phone numbers in case we wanted to work together and I thought this would be a great opportunity. I also thought it would be good to break away from my radio show group for a few assignments, just to mix things up a little. So, while reading a bunch of her posts, I came across this one and it seemed so different from all the other students’ posts I’ve read and/or commented on. It was like nothing I had done either. This post stood out to me and I really liked all the aspects she put into it. While I was sitting and thinking about this, my brain went “hey, this is perfect for one of the Inspire posts! I think it is a great example of something that inspires me because I wasn’t even trying to be inspired when I got to it! So then I went to the page and posted about it, describing what it was and why I chose it. This is what I said:

This post is a poetry reading that I found while looking through people’s blog sites. I listened to a few different (and some pretty bad) audio assignments, but I wasn’t even looking for my inpire pages yet, when I found this. I think that July did a great job on this assignment. I love how she made such simple changes to the poem that affected it a great deal. The few words that were added intensified the notion that the poem was to her character’s father and about her both longing for him and feeing bitter at the same time. In her post, she also put a picture of the actual poem beneath the reading that she did which helped you to both feel and know what she was saying. I also loved the picture she put in for it on soundcloud. It’s really cool and science-techy which is appropriate for the poem and her character who is a scientist!

What inspired me was the feeling she was able to create for her character within the poem and by adding the extra lines. All of the components in this post came together so well. I felt like I was listening to Isabella Franklin (July’s character) reading the poem herself as if in a reflection of past time with her father. The poem also talks about Fathers specifically in the transfer of DNA which ties in so well to her story! The post was simple, but well done, well thought out, and inspiring!

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