Got A Clue

This show started out pretty interestingly. The creepy door gave me the chills. And I also really liked the intro to the story of Lawrence, who died. He sounds like a bit of a wild man, saying he is “usually the hunter” and gets tons of women. One thing I would have liked from him though is more emotion in his voice. Still, Tiffany’s coworker did a great job on his monologue.

The sound effects in this show were also very good. The effects and music tied in really well with the show. I loved the ones of the women during Lawrence Spitler’s monologue: the moan and the laughter.


My biggest critiques of the show would be the volume. I had it turned up all the way on the radio and on my computer but I couldn’t hear. Also, some of the monologues had a few errors that seemed like they could have taken out or fixed but didn’t. Small bugs though! The storyline and monologues were still really great and they did a wonderful job collaborating without meeting!

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