Eden Waz aka “Edie”

Eden Waz (Vaz) was born late on a rainy September night in 1988, in Port Richmond, Philadelphia. This town is better-known as Fishtown– the Polish section of the city. Her Father died in an accident when she was 14 and her mother was left to raise her and her younger brother. After the death (due to illness) of her mother, 6 years ago, she moved to a darker section of the city where she met her husband. After her husband’s disappearance, she kept open his bar. She continues to run it today; however, she now poses as a regular, yet mysterious patron, keeping her ownership a secret.

Edie grew up a pale, slender Polish girl with green eyes and naturally deep red hair. She’s stands slightly above average height, and developed her naturally enticing womanly curves while maintaining her original strong yet petite frame. She frequently dresses in tight black clothes, with tall heels, and occasionally a large hat or mesh veil. No matter how she dresses, you will always find her wearing her long black necklace that contains a large red stone. 

An inner look at Edie:

She is 5’6 but wears her heels to seem more imposing.

She started smoking after the death of her mother and hasn’t been able to quit. Her method of choice is cigars.

She has a rich knowledge of Polish proverbs– her favorite being, “Watch the faces of those who bow low.”

Raising your curiosity:

  • Why/how did her husband disappear?
  • What kind of accident killed her father?
  • Did she have any children?
  • What happened to her brother?

These and other questions may be addressed in the future, or they may continue to be unknown.

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One thought on “Eden Waz aka “Edie”

  1. I really love that first paragraph. You have the perfect noir tone. Tell just enough to be compelling, but keep the details a bit shadowy. Edie’s background and current position fascinates me. Running her missing husband’s bar in the seedy part of Philly. So good. I want more!

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