Radio Thoughts

Below are some rough ideas for the radio show project! Everything is subject to change.

1. A murder mystery. Could start off with gunshots, voices, running, screams. Could start off with a regular story, leading to moments that are intense and fraught. Moody and suspicious characters. Upbeat and perky characters. Mysterious characters.

2. A secret affair. Sketchy plans. Lying, cheating, stealing. Bar room brawl’s.

3. mafia quarrels. Gangs against gangs. People caught in between or around and get themselves in trouble. The random mysterious girl in the middle. Gambling, smoking.

4. A clash of characters: A story in which all of the noir characters of the people in the group interrelate and come together to create a new story. ** This is actually my favorite of my ideas. I think it would be very interesting to combine people from what could be a few very different stories/backgrounds, and possibly time periods.

2 thoughts on “Radio Thoughts

  1. I think they are all good ideas, the last one particularly intrigues me. profile of the group characters, make it like a documentary radio program—Humans of Noir :)

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