The built environment the Big Lebowski consists of a lot of different styles of buildings. There’s dimly lit, but fancy and clean mansions on one end, and then old pawnshops and dirty rooms on another. It is not necessarily the dirty-ness of the built environment, but some parts aren’t necessarily sparkling clean.

I think the time affects the environment here which leads into the design of noir in these film styles. In LA in the 90s for example, some men still wore the brimmed hats seen in this movie. And the cars of the time are similar to the noir cars as well. Something it has that will forever be timeless however is the use of con-men and getting into trouble with groups for money. This theme can be seen so far back and in so many recent movies, such as the Hangover, the Town, etc.

On just the movie, this movie was funny and very entertaining. However, I did think it was a little weird at parts. It was great to watch and I can’t wait to see what other movies this class gives me the opportunity to see that I’ve never heard of!

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