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A Trip and a Fall


3 stars: I worked with July Laszakovits and we combined not only our characters, but also our assignments. We created a story map to depict the traveling that occurs during this story assignment that includes 10 random words and an animal of our choice. The ten words and the animal are underlined (the first time their used) in the story.

Eden Waz after learning and rectifying the death of her husband by murdering the man who took his life, was fed up with bad men. She kept hearing on the news the stories of the robberies and murders occurring in Andorra, a small country in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. She had been researching and trying to figure out who it was and how she could stop it. She read online of a famous Scientist who isolated a poison from the Aconite flower and set out from Philly to New York to seek this Scientists help.

After arriving in New York City, she finally met the woman she had been waiting for, Isabelle Franklin. The women grabbed lunch at the Irving Mill Restaurant and discuss Ms. Franklin’s techniques. However, Edie was unable to be discrete and Isabelle quickly picked up on her intentions. Fortunately for Edie, Isabelle also deplored the freaky violence that was ensuing in Andorra and pledged to help her. She even offered to pay for Edie’s flight since she could afford that and more. Edie, already gracious for her help, thought this was a bit excessive, but she accepted the offer as she remembered the dwindling state of her bank account. So the two set off and flew into France, the closest airport to their destination.

They spent a few nights in France researching the crimes. This serial robber and murderer had killed 31 people already, at least that was how many bodies had been found so far. The women were even more appalled when they went closer to the source to gather info. It seemed that someone had been going to great lengths in attempt to cover up details of the killings, but some information still surfaced.

Huge craters were left in the hearts of the families of the victims, especially those who were set up to find their loved ones. Edie and Isabelle wanted this to end. They had deduced that the murderer was royalty, for who else could have access to the poison from the blubber of the lilotee fish, a rare and expensive fish found only in remote bay off Madagascar. The poison was not meant to kill the victims but to paralyze them, so they could still see and feel what was happening to them, their slow and agonizing dismemberment, but nothing could be done about it. That’s why these murders had to end.

Upon their sleuthing around the kingdom in Andorra, Edie and Isabelle came across one of the Prince Jasper’s mistresses. She knew what he had been doing, but feared for her own life as well as her young son’s if she should tell anyone of it. Isabelle, offering the young woman and her son safety and an escape back to America to work in her home, was able to coax the information from her.

With the help of Andrea, the mistress, the women were able to come up with a plan to end the murders– with one final one.

Andrea who could not bring herself to do it, snuck Edie into the Prince’s home and showed her what to do. Isabelle had injected the Actonite poison into the bedtime snack of the Prince, who every night engorged himself with mini-franks and horseradish. Edie carried the snack up to the Prince, pretending to be the newly hired help. After the Prince had eaten about half the platter of food, she told him that he was caught, and he was done. But this wasn’t enough. She wanted him to feel the pain of everyone he had hurt. So, she unveiled every cloaked mirror in the narcissists bedroom. And made him look into the reflection of his own eyes as the poison slowly took effect.

The poison of the flower being nearly untraceable was not found in the Prince’s system. And the lack of heirs to the throne caused the monarchy to crumble. Edie, Isabelle, Andrea, and her son returned to the US with clear consciouses, but heavy hearts.

A Canary

Writing Assignment (3 stars)

Random words: optional, source, decadence, bloody, kind, animal, biological, balloon, audio, halting.

Random animal : Canary

I am relating this post to my character!

Edie walked up to the bar. A deflated balloon blew in the cool night air is the rain splattered down around her. She heard the music still playing inside, the type of audio she didn’t want to hear. She heard a scream and it was halting. It sounded like an animal but she knew it was not of that kind. She decided she needed to find the source. She walked towards the building next-door and suddenly a bloody Canary flew right by her face. This freaked her out and although she knew it was optional she decided to continue looking to find the source of the scream. The ad on building next-door was for a rich chocolate cake covered in decadence. She wished she could be eating that right now instead of heading inside the slightly ajar door that should’ve been locked. As she walked inside she stepped in something wet, but it was not the same wet as outside. She turned on the light and noticed that it was not rain, but it was biological, it was blood. And right in the middle of the room, on a pedestal was an open canary cage.


Is this assignment because it looked really fun and sort of like a challenge and because it seems like something I could actually relate to my character.

The Actual Killers

In Hemingway’s “The Killers” I was waiting for something to happen but nothing ever did. There was no ending to the story, it basically left you waiting and wondering if they were going to come back, or something going to happen to the men in the restaurant. It was very anticlimactic.


This story was full of noir. There was no are in the way they spoke. They used the phrase “bright boy” a lot in reference to the workers in the restaurant. They also kept saying “What’s the idea?” and other phrases that relate to the noir dialect. The Description of their clothes an example of noir as well. Hemingway describes their dark overcoats, their hats;  even the way their faces are portrayed gives off a sense of noir. Setting is noir as well. The story begins with two mysterious men walking into the lunch-room, while it’s dark outside and a streetlamp comes on out the window.


Alternative Ending: (3 stars)

(This occurs as Nick is going to check on Ole Anderson at the Hirsch room).

Nick walk up to the Hirsch house and knocked on the door. A lady let them inside. She asked what he wanted and he said to see Ole Anderson. She took him to the room and knocked on the door. Ole Anderson answered and said to come in. As the door opened, in the past Nick rushed Max and Al. Ole Anderson rose up off the bed and socked Max square in the jaw. As Max lay unconscious on the floor, Al reach for his gun, but he was too slow. Mrs. Hirsch, who had let Nick in, pulled out her own pistol and shot Al in the back. They quickly tied up Max and told Nick he better get out of there.

Frozen in place, Nick asked what happened, and old Anderson explained how he knew they were coming. They had been after him for a while and he knew they would be there any day. He had got wind of them waiting for him at Henry’s and he knew all you had to do was wait for them to find him. Still confused, Nick asked how Mrs. Hirsch was able to shoot the man. She calmly explained that she wasn’t Mrs. Hirsch, she was Mrs. Bell who ran the house for her. Anderson had come to her asking to keep an eye out in case you saw anything suspicious. She explained that when she let him in the house, she noticed the men trying to be discreet but suspiciously standing out under the street lamp. She said that the knock on the door to Anderson was actually a knocking code they had agreed on in case something like this happened. Again, they told Nick he better get out before the cops come.

Nick, still a little fuzzy, headed back to Henry’s to share the details with George and Sam. Neither of them and could believe the story that Nick told.

mustache-man & beard-boy

My unusual superhero (2 stars) would be mustache-man. He would bring mustaches to all the facial- hairless men who needed him! His power aside from giving mustaches would also be to take them away. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you had a real scary villain and you take away his mustache he might be a lot less intimidating and a little bit more self-conscious. Either way, he’s too busy worrying about his facial hair to do anything villainous.

His outfit  would be a white spandex shirt and a white pants with a white cape, and on the front of his white shirt would be a large black handlebar mustache. He would obviously have one of these mustaches on his face himself.

Something every good superhero needs is a side-kick. Mustache-man’s sidekick would be beard-boy. He would be a young boy with an outstandingly large beard that does not seem to fit his appearance. He would have similar powers in the giving and removing of facial hair, except his would be of the beard variety. You may wonder why the boy has power over the beards while man only has the power over mustaches. Well, you see you can’t have a beard without a mustache, but you can have a mustache without a beard. The man can stand alone, the side kick is a bonus.

Beard-Boy’s outfit would be a medium blue suit similar to mustache man’s with beardly accents.



Not much is known about the beginnings of mustache man and beard boy. Some say that mustache man’s powers began when he was in adolescence when some of the older boys with slight facial hair made fun of him for his baby like face. After a few years nothing had grown and he had become very frustrated. He went away to cave and hid. A few years later he emerged with a full beard and beautiful mustache, and long, flowing head of hair. Back into the city he realized nothing was going to be the same for in every window he passed by where there was a boy staring in the mirror wanting to shave and not being able to, he stared deep into their eyes, something connected, and immediately out of their hair follicles formed a beautiful new mustache.

As for beard-boy, some think he maybe his son, others think he may have wound up in the same cave as mustache-man, but no one really knows whether any of this is true. All we know is the increasing amount of facial hair appearing in our city.




I chose this writing assignment because I thought it would be interesting to talk about an unusual Superhero. Also, as soon as I read the description of this assignment, I had a bunch of ideas pop into my head.  I thought that because I had so many ideas it would be an easy to do! I think I was right it was pretty fun and easy. The hardest part was trying to figure out an origin because they hadn’t really determined that in the beginning. I also wanted to create some mystery, so I hope I did a good job of that!

Easter Kitty

The First writing assignment I chose is Holifaves (2 1/2 stars) which is to write about your favorite holiday. I chose this assignment because I think that I have a holiday that’s a little bit different than a lot of other peoples. I know a lot of people like Christmas because of the gift-giving, and because it’s a special time of year, but I don’t think many people actually focus on mine.

Personally, my favorite holiday is Easter. Growing up in a Catholic family and having attended Catholic school, Easter was one of the big holidays we celebrated at home, in the classroom, and at church. I know many people think of Christmas as their favorite holiday, but for me Easter was better. This holiday is, at least for our family, to have fun and play games and spend time together more than just giving and receiving presents. We still have Easter baskets, but they’re more full of fun little trinkets or candy and they’re not the main focus of the day. The focus of our day is going to church, celebrating the resurrection, and being together through the special time.

I do have to say, however, despite this aspect of Easter, my favorite part is still dying Easter eggs and having an Easter egg hunt. Being the youngest, I always had a little bit of a Headstart but once we were old enough, that went away. Something that never change in our rules during the hunt was that fouls have to be called. My family gets pretty competitive and somebody could end up a little bit hurt if we didn’t do this!

Even our pets got in on this holiday, having an Easter basket of their own with little treats and toys. One of them even liked to be part of the basket herself!  This was puff one of our cats who died about a year ago she was always very cute. The first Easter we had her, she climbed in the basket by herself and after that we quickly adopted the tradition to have a picture of her taken in a basket every year. It even got to the point where she would sit in the napkin basket that’s on our kitchen table! So here’s a picture of that: