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5 Designs-and Rings

1. my reflection of the vignelli canon in which I cover my thoughts on some of Vignelli’s intangible and tangible concepts.

2. wrote about my views on copyright issues

3. Created a design blitz in which i shared the art of a couple of my roommates and wrote about the design concepts of color, unity, rhythm, and balance.

4. Three TDCs

Draw a David…That David in which I helped wish David Kernohan a happy birthday!

Pick a Super Power in which I chose Wolverine’s healing abilities.

Play with your food! in which I made some jewelry out of real food. For this, I made a Valentine’s-themed ring!

5. 12 stars of design assignments (6 around character) (I did 14 1/2)

Of Bananas and Minions (3 stars) in which I made an add for chiquita bananas using the minions from despicable me

Jim Groom-Noir Detective (4 1/2) in which I made Professor Groom into a movie poster using Ace Ventura

Edie’s life banner (4 stars) in which I made a website banner using images related to my noir character

Edie Inked (3 stars) in which I drew a tattoo for my character that related to design concepts we learned.

6. i watched the Lebowski, which was a very funny movie and wrote about my thoughts on LA in the 90s and and the design of noir in this film

7. Still thinking about assignment ideas and tutorials!


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