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Fantastic Four

1. Audio reflections  in this Post I reflected on the audio in storytelling. I watched the opening shots of the movie “touch of evil,” I read about sounds and film noir, and I listened to the radio broadcast “double indemnity.” I did however miss the live tweeting session with one of the radio shows. I actually didn’t notice that there was only a certain small amount of time to do that until after the chance was gone. This was probably due to me making up late work, but it’s too late to fix that since all the live tweeting is over :/

2. I did my 2 daily creates.

-Making and “I’m sorry” photo. I did mine about the Patriots. I personally think its funny, but some people may not enjoy it. I don’t intend it to be offensive, just in good humor.


and international dot day. I tried to be especially creative with this one. The picture is actually a dot of my pillow pet named “Dot”! dot-ception!

dot the pillow pet

Both these photos are posted on flickr and are blogged about here.


3. My radio bumper (2 1/2 stars)  is titled “without a knock” while the blog post for it is called “bumps and bruises.” The bumper is titled “without a knock” because the tile is supposed to lead into what you hear in the bumper. The post is called “bumps and bruises” because it’s about making my first radio bumper in which I counted some problems. So I’m trying to portray these problems by saying that doing the bumper gave me some bumps and bruises. It is also a play on the word “bumper.”

4. Audio Assignments ( 8 stars) i did 10 (maybe maybe this can make up for me messing with live tweeting?)

Sound Effect Story (3 1/2 stars) this is a little similar to my bumper but its actually related to my character, specifically to a post I already made about her. It’s hard to write about this story since people are supposed to hear it first, so I guess I will just say that someone does get shot.

Emotion Through Sound (3 stars) this assignment is similar to the sound effect story as well as the bumper. It’s a thirty-something second track that portrays and emotion. In my track I decided to use the emotion of sadness. Specifically, it is a woman sadness at the death of her son.

Hear it Here (1 star) this assignment is the dictation of a poem that I wrote that includes a random amount of homophones that I could remember.

The Family Table (2 1/2) this assignment is me dictating a conversation between myself and the members of my family while at the dinner table. Including myself, there are six people and I’m not used to using different voices so they might sound similar. Either way I think it’s a pretty accurate example!

5. Brainstormed some radio show ideas. My favorite of my ideas is the fourth one, which would be a story combining the noir characters of everyone in the group. I’m actually excited to expand upon all my ideas, but especially this one!

6. I’ve been experimenting with both GarageBand and Audacity. So far, GarageBand has proven slightly easier for me to get the hang of. Either way, I’ve tried to make some fun overlapping beats/sounds but my sense of rhythm is very bad and everything just sounded horrible! Hopefully soon I’ll be able to make something that sounds good and share it :)


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