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11:11 Make a Wish- Done

I wished to get my assignments done, and look it happened!

  • I completed 11/10 stars of assignments, including
    • Designing a Website Logo (3 stars)BWA logo


    • Making a Pinterest Profile and Boards (2 stars) which I highly recommend! They give you some great ideas for work, clothes, and more!
    • Updated myResume (3 stars) a little just in case I want to take on a new adventure in addition to my bar and the BWA.
    • I created a Warning Poster (3 stars) to warn men about the MaNOIRpulators, trying to give them a fighting chance against us, but more hopefully a chance to treat women correctly and with respect.
  • We created our agency’s website, which can be found here: BWA Website
  • I completed 2 Daily creates
    • Save Noddy with photo-editing in which I saved him from the trash and took him to a theme park to ride the roller coasters!
    • roller coaster car for noddy
    • A birthday card for Maggie from a picture that I found online and added a textbox and balloons to!
    • Happy Birthday Maggie

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I also started brainstorming to come up with Assignment bank assignments, and I think I have a pretty good idea for one that I will be posting sometime this coming week !