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Eden 10

To Do list is complete

  • 15 stars of video assignments:
    • A Day In the Life of Edie. (5 stars) Get a look into some of my everyday routine, and some not so everyday things…
    • PSA BWA (5 stars) in which I gave a public service announcement from the BWA to the community.
    • Conversation with Myself (5 stars) in which I shared a glimpse of my internal struggles.
  • the interview
  • changing over: I spent this week truly finding myself: Eden Waz, and learning who I am
  • organizing: the maNOIRpulators were accepted into BWA in WIDOW!!
  • 3 daily creates: found here :)
  • 10 comments some from Aubrey, some from Edie (we got a little mixed up) : onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten
  • from the extra credit show from monday, here is a glimpse at some of my tweets