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Now I’m Hungry!

One visual assignment I chose was the A-Z Food Collage (2 Stars). I thought this assignment seemed like a good one since I like to think about food because food makes me happy :)

The hardest part of this assignment was finding words to use for certain foods. The letters I had trouble with were  Q, U, V, and X. I quickly remembered that I like quesadillas and was able to use that for Q. For V, I remembered that I could use venison, or deer meat; however, for U and X, I actually had to Google foods that started with those letters. This lead me to find udon noodles and xacutie chicken.

From Google, I clicked and dragged each picture to the same slide of a PowerPoint presentation, where I changed the sizes to make them smaller. Then,  put them in alphabetical order. After this, I changed the background color to blue to give it some depth and a screenshotted it & added it to Flickr to post here:

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