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I made a warning poster for the maNIORpulators! (3 stars) I thought some people should get a fair warning to watch out for us. Hopefully it will keep some more men in-line.

I made it on Word, using wordart and importing our logo and pictures.

It was really easy and I hope you all like it :) Since the picture is a little blurry, here is a link to my poster Warning- Manoirpulators.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.17.28 PM

Edie’s Cloud

In this visual assignment (1 star) I created a word cloud with words about my character Eden. I chose this assignment because I wanted to see if I could make the cloud seem noir and relate to her life.

In order to make it, i used this website, which is different than the one listed for the assignment. I did this because the other one would not work on my computer.

Below is my word cloud which includes the words Eden, Waz, dark, sinister, blood, mystery, secret, hidden, etc.

Edie word cloud

Edie’s Post-its

In this visual assignment (2 stars) I’m using my noir character, Edie Waz, as the post-it writer. Because of this, I don’t have any references to help with the context besides my older posts. Edie’s BagA Canary, and Her Introduction

I chose this post because I thought it would be another way to build my character as well as her mystery. In order to do this assignment, I put stickie notes on my computer, and typed them up to be her notes as if they were on her computer in her house or bar. Then I screenshotted them and added it to flickr to embed here:

Edie's post its

this post its include a grocery/shopping list, to do list, a random phone number, and an address and time which happens to be a cemetery in Port Richmond, after it closes.

Edie’s Bag

This Visual Assignment is the What’s In Your Bag? (3 stars) Assignment required for our characters.

Below is Edie’s Waz’s Bag

The items that fell out are:

  • duct tape
  • sunglasses
  • a bag of tissues
  • $20 bill
  • black ink pen
  • a bracelet, an earring
  • various credit cards and IDs
  • hand sanitizer
  • lip balm
  • gum
  • leather gloves (okay maybe they’re knit  mittens, but use your imagination)
  • a bag of pills
  • car keys
  • condoms
  • a knife

Edie Waz's Bag

We all know you can at any point find some interesting things in a woman’s purse, and the larger the bag, the more there’s room for. Edie doesn’t always burden herself with the weight or inconvenience of a large bag, but when she does, she means business. I would say each thing she carries has its purpose but sometimes thats not how things happen. Another thing I should point out, is not everything in there is always hers. Now, I know you may think thats a cop out for the baggie of white pills, but I wasn’t talking about that, or even the different IDs. No, those both have legitimate (at least she says their legitimate) reasons for being in her purse. What I’m talking about it the earring. The long, dangling earring with the small silver balls and cascading tassel of chains is not hers. But why would a woman carry around an earring thats not hers? It couldn’t be a friend’s, right? I mean she spends most, if not all, of her time around the men in her bar… The rest, the rest is hers. The small, worn black leather gloves, are hers. The plain black and darkly tinted sunglasses are hers. The silver medallion bracelet with a smudge on it is hers. The duct tape roll thats running out is hers. The mostly used black ink pen, the new bottle of twilight scented hand sanitizer, the cheap lip balm, the baggie of clean tissues, the Trident mint gum, the Saturn car keys, the Trojan condoms, the crinkled $20, and the small, sharp, folding knife are all hers. So whose earring is it?

the earring

Now I’m Hungry!

One visual assignment I chose was the A-Z Food Collage (2 Stars). I thought this assignment seemed like a good one since I like to think about food because food makes me happy :)

The hardest part of this assignment was finding words to use for certain foods. The letters I had trouble with were  Q, U, V, and X. I quickly remembered that I like quesadillas and was able to use that for Q. For V, I remembered that I could use venison, or deer meat; however, for U and X, I actually had to Google foods that started with those letters. This lead me to find udon noodles and xacutie chicken.

From Google, I clicked and dragged each picture to the same slide of a PowerPoint presentation, where I changed the sizes to make them smaller. Then,  put them in alphabetical order. After this, I changed the background color to blue to give it some depth and a screenshotted it & added it to Flickr to post here:

This won’t embed correctly