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What Wąż Is Frank

This week, I made the choice to do 8 stars of assignments. The first video assignment I chose was Vernacular Video– The History of a Word. It says to choose a favorite word and write about its history, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to tell the history of the name of my character, which I actually put a little more thought into than may have been expected. So, this assignment is the *4 stars* I’m relating to Edie. And because it has to include another character, I thought I would add similar information on July Laszakovit’s Isabelle Franklin.

In order to make this video I uploaded pictures I found on Google into iMovie on my computer. I then recorded myself on Audacity reading a short script that I wrote. I used Audacity instead of the record function on iMovie because I didn’t like how it was set up. So, after recording on Audacity, I exported my recording to iTunes and then uploaded it into iMovie. I then set the timing of the pictures to go along with what I was saying by adjusting the clips. Next, I exported the video and uploaded it to youtube! Hope you enjoy it :)