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Shut Up and Dance With Me

for 3 stars I chose the Video Assignment Create a Lyric Video. I chose this because I have seen many of these videos on youtube and thought they were cool. They’re also very useful when trying to find out the lyrics to a song, or sing along with a song.

In order to make this video, I created a color scheme on powerpoint and set that as the background for this by putting it in iMovie. In iMovie, I added the song “Shut Up and Dance With Me” by Walk the Moon, which I downloaded from iTunes. I chose this song because it has been stuck in my head the last few days and I can’t get it out! Next, I added text to the clips in my iMovie. I looked up the lyrics on Google too, just to make sure I would get them right!

I used a bunch of different transitions and fonts, and in some parts I altered the background to go with the lyrics, to signify a part where there are no lyrics, or just to have something different.

Anyways, here it is!