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return of the maNOIRpulators

My cousin, her friend, and I have been accepted into the agency! Can’t wait to be a part of the BWA in WIDOW!! Grandma would be so proud that we are following in her footsteps. Here is their announcement:


From the desk of Britta Hensley CEO and chairwoman of the BWA&WIDOW

Public Service Announcement: 

The Black Widow Agency would like to announce the return and official certification of the maNOIRpulators into the WIDOW Organization. As new members of the BWA in the WIDOW this women are expected to uphold the responsibilities set upon them. Most importantly, we require them help protect, serve, and aid any woman under threat of violence or wrongdoing. (This policy has been expanded upon to include children and anyone threatened inexcusably by the malice of another.) Congratulations Ladies. We are thrilled to have you join us!

Ms. Britta Hensley