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Still ringing– Spoiler Alert

I’m not even 100% sure how to respond to “the post man always rings twice.” I honestly did not like the story very much. There are many points where I would expect it to end, but it just kept going. Not only that, but I’m kind of confused by the relationships that were going on. I don’t understand why they had to kill the Greek, when they could have just left together. I am still kind of confused about what happened with the lawyers in the trials. I feel terrible for Frank at the end of the story because he ends up going to jail after having the woman he loves and his future child killed, and worse its his fault.

In no way did I see the ending coming. I expected the story to stop after they won the case. But I wasn’t surprised when Kennedy came back looking for money. That part made a lot of sense and made story very interesting. But in the end when they seemed happy and like everything was going to work out, it really surprised me that it ended so suddenly.


The noir:

In trying to remember the door aspects of the story a lot of small details popped up for me. I known one section it references Cora smoking a cigar. In another part of the story Frank is gambling. Cora and Frank are both characters of the north ton; Cora is mysterious woman in a restaurant, and Frank is a man with a history of getting in trouble. I also picture the interrogation of Frank is a very nor the scene. The detective is questioning him and threatened him and scaring him to make Cora take the rap for the murder.

Overall, I think I’m still digesting the story as I only finished reading it today. I think it would be interesting story to continue discussions with and I look forward to talking to some of my friends in this class about it.