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Stairs and Cycles

The two daily creates I did for this week were Monday’s staircase to your dream and Wednesday’s Recycle your Junk Mail into art.

For Monday’s stair case to your biggest dream, I chose to do graduating. Right now graduation is my primary goal. In order to reach graduation I need to finish up my last 9 biology credits, including a very challenging class: Biochemistry. So in order to do well in this class, I need to get good grades, hopefully A’s in my next couple quizzes and tests. To do that, I need to study and pay attention in class, which would be much easier if I got to class a little sooner than I usually do. So hopefully, the next few weeks I can suck it up and get there, take good notes, study, and get some good grades!


For the recycling of my junk mail, I took an envelope and opened it up. I then folded it diagonally in half and drew designs with some markers and highlighters on one side. Modeling the beautiful piece of art I made into a tiara is one of my roommates Sydney. My favorite part is that on the right hand side you can see the little ” place postage here” square. Upon dawning the tiara, she named herself princess of the room and started making declarations including some allowing us to keep pets in our dorm, which I can’t argue with.

Recycling Sydney