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different abstracts of groom

the 3 daily creates i did this week were, the different sides of yourself, abstract art of your favorite moment of the past week, and the ransom note if jim groom were kidnapped.

the first one was the different sides of me. For this daily create i chose to depict 3 of my different selves. Top left, is myself as a sister. My sister and I took this snapchat selfie on christmas. It’s one of the few times of the year that I get to see her since neither of us is home frequently. The distance and us both getting older has made us closer and this picture together reminds me of that bond. The top right photo is my self as a friend, wifie, and roommate. As in some of my previous posts, this one includes my roommate Jayne. We have lived together for the past three years and she has become one of my best friends. We even refer to each other as “wifies” frequently. I always love this side of myself because Jayne and I have tons of fun together. The third, final, and bottom picture depicts my self as a teammate. It is of me, fellow noir-tist Kendall Parker, and our other teammate Caitlin. I like this picture because UNITY is one of the slogan’s of our team and a huge part of our mentalities since having come together around the concept. This picture represents a huge side of me and of all my teammates.

sides of me

The second daily create I chose was the abstract art of my favorite moment of the week. My favorite moment was Sunday when we came back to school. I had recently started a relationship and was eager to get back to school to see my boyfriend. This image includes some Xs and Os and I know everyone will understand that.


The third daily create I chose was the ransom note for Jim Groom. I googled his name and found this picture of him. I thought it was funny and so I added some words for that purpose. I also tried to make it a little more comedic by having the other professors “abduct” him and make the students have to rescue him as an assignment!

jim groom