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Lady Eagles and dot

My third daily create of the week was to make in image suitable for an action film poster by turning it orange and teal. The picture I chose was an action photo of myself shooting a reverse layup.

Lady eagles

In order to make this picture, I duplicated the original file and opened both in the photo-editor on my computer. I messed around with the saturation and temperature until it was either blue or orange. Then I cropped the orange one and opened both in powerpoint. As seen below I put the orange on top of the other, added a text box, and screen shotted this photo.

how to lady eagles



another daily create I did this week was the #heelconcept alternative high heel. i chose to use my pillow pet, Dot. He actually made for a nice heel. Although difficult to walk in, my foot was very comfortable and his wings molded well to my arches!