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Week two was a lot more intense than week one for us. We texted a lot to try to get together, divvy up the commercial and bumper responsibilities, and figure out how to set up our show.

We met up Wednesday in my apartment to add the dialogue of the script to the plot of our story. We talked a lot and got a good chunk of it done. Later that night, we collaborated on google docs to add in some more and put in links to the sound effects we used from freesounds.org.

The next day we changed up the plot in a big way. We changed the fates of a few of the characters. We were all very excited about our new plot because it made the storyline even better!

Kendall took over the responsibility of aligning all the audio in an audacity file, so as I got done the commercials I made, I sent them to her. The ones I made this week are below!

Two of these commercials are actually related to our radio show. I thought it would be fun and interesting to tie them into the story.

On Sunday we put together the bulk of the project, arranging all the rest of the audio that we hadn’t gotten done. Kendall and I took a selfie and tweeted about it

of course, I accidentally tagged the wrong Kendall, sorry @kendall_parker2!

So as of right now, we just have a couple more sentences to add to our show and then we are done! I can’t wait to share our story with everyone !!