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Don’t get MaNOIRpulated!

Below is the bumper sticker I created for our radio show! I chose to do a bumper sticker because I like this form of promotion. They are simple and to the point, but also intriguing; they give a little more info than a logo, but less than a poster. They are a happy-medium.

manoirpulated bumper sticker

The picture in the background is a photo of red snow. I took this picture myself using my iphone and then cropped it to be more bumper-sticker shaped. I found the snow like this, on the Anderson Center side of the walking bridge from Eagle Landing. The first time I passed it, I just looked and thought “hmm, I wonder who did that/college students are weird.” Then my next thought was that I should take a picture of it the next time I pass to use for class. So, I did just that.

Once I got it on my computer, I opened it in the photo-viewer and use the editing tools in the viewer to crop it. Then I added text boxes, typed up what I wanted, and changed the fonts around until I liked what I had. I also used a polish proverb that I got from the same website where I got Edie’s other proverb. You can find a whole list of them here.