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Got A Clue

This show started out pretty interestingly. The creepy door gave me the chills. And I also really liked the intro to the story of Lawrence, who died. He sounds like a bit of a wild man, saying he is “usually the hunter” and gets tons of women. One thing I would have liked from him though is more emotion in his voice. Still, Tiffany’s coworker did a great job on his monologue.

The sound effects in this show were also very good. The effects and music tied in really well with the show. I loved the ones of the women during Lawrence Spitler’s monologue: the moan and the laughter.


My biggest critiques of the show would be the volume. I had it turned up all the way on the radio and on my computer but I couldn’t hear. Also, some of the monologues had a few errors that seemed like they could have taken out or fixed but didn’t. Small bugs though! The storyline and monologues were still really great and they did a wonderful job collaborating without meeting!

House of Noir We There Yet

House of Noir was the first radio show I listened to. While I liked the show, especially the creepy/crazy fangirl, I had a little trouble following. Most of my issues were with the volume. Some of the characters or commercials were so low that I put my volume up on high, then it switched to another person whose voice/recording was so loud I pulled the earbuds right out cause it hurt.

Some other parts I enjoyed aside from the fangirl, were the commercials. The airline one sounded so real and the one for getting a British accent was funny too! I also liked the sound effects. The beating heart had to be the best one because it actually affected my own heart rate! My second favorite sound effect was the background noise of people talking and coughing. I felt like I was in the room. The crying and footsteps were pretty good, too.

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I also stuck around for Noir We There Yet. 

The volume in this one was even throughout, and my ears are very thankful. The commercial about burning the dinners was so perfect. It was vintage and hilarious. All the commercials were good in fact! The show was also very well written and easy to follow.

This entire show just seemed to roll along very smoothly. The storyline and commercials just seemed to flow.

I liked the footsteps in here too, someone was running away fast.

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