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An End and A Beginning

I personally am not sad at all to see our first case come to a close. NoirCat was one of Onyx’s and my good friends and we are both happy to know that she is where she wants to be and no longer feeling bad about herself.

This case had many ups and downs and confusing moments. At first we were very concerned that somebody had taken her and we all were scared for her safety. But, we should have known better because Meowdred is definitely a girl who can fend for herself! I mean, she did elude us for a few days until she literally left us a trail to find her with the soft paws. Onyx keeps hoping we can visit her someday in Japan but I think that might be too much of a give away to anyone paying attention to this case and our postings about it.

As for the BWA, these being our first and second cases, I think we did a very good job. These cases were pretty difficult to handle together because they interlaced so much. It wasn’t too hard to figure out the right thing to do though. Maggie may have been our primary client in the beginning but NoirCat’s feelings and problems took precedence for sure. And that’s why I named this post “An End and A Beginning.” Of course, I think there were a few ends that lead to the beginning. Out first two cases ended, the objectification of NoirCat ended, and her unhappiness ended. Now she can begin her happy new life as Ivanna.

Anyways, if you have missed any more of the BWA’s first two cases, you can read our released information on it here: BWA Blog. This site contains all of our case updates as well as any information we have released that I may have no shared with you myself.




Our search for NoirCat has drastically improved these last fews days. We found an abandoned building she was in for a short period, lots of evidence, and now a message from someone about her. We even almost had a run in with her but she got away. How is her catnapper doing all of this?

Our most recent break in evidence was the collection of soft paws we obtained. Each one had a letter on it spelling out a message “Don’t find me.” Although we could figure this out, we have yet to figure out what this message really means. Who wrote it, who left it, etc.

Below is a picture of the soft paws with the letters on them. The message is out of order, but you get the idea.

wood table and soft paws


I personally am very curious to finish out this investigation. I can’t wait to find NoirCat, and figure out who did this to her and her family. I also wonder how involved both Groom and Daphne are. Was it them who catnapped her? Together? Separately? Was it someone else entirely? The BWA still has a lot of work to do. Piecing together our evidence and finding out how this really happened and why. So for now, its back to the agency and back to work! To view more of our updates, visit our website here and click on “blog”




Over the last few days, our evidence has increased in number. Now, in addition to the ransom note, we have NoirCat’s tag and collar which were found a good distance apart. Also, the collar had Maggie’s name scratched out. We also found a device at Groom and Daphne’s that we believe was used to deactivate NoirCat’s tracker. Below is a picture of the device. And here is a link where we discuss our finding of her collar and tag. The link includes pictures as well.

opened box w/ chip and magnet in


In addition to this, Jewel interviewed Daphne. This came back with some interesting results. To listen to the interview, and read the dialogue, you visit our website here: Daphne Interview.

So far most of our evidence leads us in the direction of Groom and Daphne as the main suspects in the catnapping. However, we have yet to rule out any suspects and more searching must be done in order to find the truth behind this crime. We will continue our investigation this week. Stay posted.


Beginning Our Work

This week the BWA received our first case. As excited as we were to get started, we were disappointed to find out the details. Who would catnap Noir Cat?! This crime against all things noir definitely fired our passions and we got to work. We were grateful to Maggie Black for filing a Missing Cat Report with us; however, this does not rule her out as one of our current suspects. Because Noir Cat has disappeared not only from our lives but also the digital world we were really concerned. Who could have done this? So my cousin Jewel set out making a suspect board. Our main suspects include: Maggie Back, Jim Groom, Daphne (Groom’s dog), and Joan Crawford (the doctor who installed Noir Cat’s tracking chip that is conveniently no longer working). Jewel also collected the pieces of the ransom note that Daphne had partially eaten. Daphne is looking very suspicious currently, but that may be too cliche. Her owner, Jim Groom was also very quick to blame her which makes me wonder about him. Either way it’s too soon to tell. All we can do right now is study our evidence, look for more evidence, and look for Noir Cat.

Personally, my first thought was to get the word out that Meowdred Pierce, our beloved Noir Cat was missing. So I designed this flyer to raise awareness and hopefully aid our search.

missing noir cat


This case is very important to us and I’m glad the the BWA is on it because we will find whoever has Meowdred.

You can follow our progress and see Jewel’s suspect board on the BWA’s website here.


Edie Waz