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Jim Groom- Noir Detective

For one of my design assignments this week, I chose Professor Groom Poster (4 1/2 stars). I am using this assignment as my “4 stars or higher” assignment in the 12 required stars. I chose this assignment because I thought it would be fun and because we had to pick an assignment with a high rating.

In order to do accomplish this assignment, I took a picture of Professor Groom off Google, as well as a photo of the movie poster from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective which can be found here. I used the word art function of Word to recreate the typing that I changed, including “Jim Carrey” to “Jim Groom”, “Ace Ventura” to “Jim Groom”, and “Pet Detective” to “Noir Detective.” I then saved each of these as a screenshot so that I could crop them in ways to fit back in the poster. I used the photo-preview on my Mac to open and crop Professor Groom’s face and all the words, as well as to white or black out the words I was replacing. I then overlapped the pictures I was adding to the white/blacked out areas and saved it as a new picture to upload!

When I chose this assignment, I wasn’t sure what movie or tv show I wanted to use. But, when I was thinking out loud, I said, “What movie should I use?” quietly to myself and one of my roommates overheard and immediately shouted “Ace Ventura!” so I complied. As soon as I saw the poster for the movie, I was excited and ready to mix it up into the beautiful masterpiece you see below.

Noir Detective