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BWA logo

For 3 stars, I did the design a website logo assignment.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to make a logo for our agency, the Black Widow Agency. I made this logo very simply. I went on Powerpoint and put “BWA” in a textbox. I changed the font until I found one I liked. I then right clicked on the background of the slide and clicked “Format Background.”  Here I changed the background of the slide to a deep red color. I also found an image of a black widow spider from Google that I felt would go well in a logo. I added this image to the slide, slightly overlapping the letter “W” with it. I had tried to use the spider instead of the “W” or the “A” but it looked better having all 3 letter in addition to the spider. After this, I put the presentation in play mode and screenshotted the slide. While screenshotting it, I used the selective screen shot to make the logo wider than a normal powerpoint slight which I think gives effect to my design. Next, I uploaded it to flickr to post here:


BWA logo

Edie Inked

For my last design assignment for the week, and my other assignment relating to my character, I chose ink (3 stars). I chose this assignment because I thought it would be a good assignment to relate to Edie and give another glimpse at who she is. She has this tattoo (about the size of a man’s palm) sitting just above her left hip. This tattoo does have meaning to her, it was not just randomly done. Whatever that meaning is tho, you will have to wait to find out!

I drew this tattoo on a piece of paper with a sharpie based on this image.

This tattoo is related to the design concepts of color and dominance. This tattoo was done in black on purpose. Edie wanted the absence of color. It is sending out a message for her. One of sadness and darkness and anger. The snake also represents dominance. It is the only tattoo she has on her body, which means it forces the eyes attention to it. The snake is also angry, showing another one of her emotions to its meaning.

Edie's inked

Edie’s life banner

I chose to create a website banner (4 stars)  for one of my design assignments this week. This website banner is related to my character, Edie Waz. It is a combination of some snippets of her life. Her bar, where she grew up, some things from the stories I’ve posted about her already, etc. I chose this assignment because I thought it would be a good way for others to gain interest in my character.

In order to do this assignment, I searched google for things related to Edie and saved the images. I then put them into a collage on powerpoint and screenshotted it. This was an easier way for me to make the collage than finding a software since the last time I tried to download a software to do an assignment, I accidentally downloaded spam to my computer. I am not letting that happen again; I have learned my lesson!


Jim Groom- Noir Detective

For one of my design assignments this week, I chose Professor Groom Poster (4 1/2 stars). I am using this assignment as my “4 stars or higher” assignment in the 12 required stars. I chose this assignment because I thought it would be fun and because we had to pick an assignment with a high rating.

In order to do accomplish this assignment, I took a picture of Professor Groom off Google, as well as a photo of the movie poster from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective which can be found here. I used the word art function of Word to recreate the typing that I changed, including “Jim Carrey” to “Jim Groom”, “Ace Ventura” to “Jim Groom”, and “Pet Detective” to “Noir Detective.” I then saved each of these as a screenshot so that I could crop them in ways to fit back in the poster. I used the photo-preview on my Mac to open and crop Professor Groom’s face and all the words, as well as to white or black out the words I was replacing. I then overlapped the pictures I was adding to the white/blacked out areas and saved it as a new picture to upload!

When I chose this assignment, I wasn’t sure what movie or tv show I wanted to use. But, when I was thinking out loud, I said, “What movie should I use?” quietly to myself and one of my roommates overheard and immediately shouted “Ace Ventura!” so I complied. As soon as I saw the poster for the movie, I was excited and ready to mix it up into the beautiful masterpiece you see below.

Noir Detective

Of Bananas and Minions

For my first Design Assignment I chose to use a cartoon character (3 stars) to help advertise a product. This assignment because I thought it would be fun. In my head I’m always thinking of things like this, taking ideas and adding them into completely separate ones. One night, while studying, my roommate and I even remixed every song we heard on the radio to include McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

In using this picture to represent add, my first thought was of the Facebook stickers used in the messaging system there. This picture is one of the stickers and I’ve frequently found it to be quite amusing. I was very happy when I searched for this image and was able to find it and many others on Google. A bunch of my friends, and myself, love the movie “Despicable Me” which these minions come from, and I thought it would be a great way to include one of my movie interests in this class. Now that I’m thinking about this movie in relationship to this class, I’m beginning to realize the noir aspects that were included, specifically Gru’s house, in this movie.

A Look and Description of Gru’s House:

Anyway, I think I need to stay on track…

After finding this image on Google, I then set it as the background for a PowerPoint presentation and used the text box to add words overtop. I know it’s not the best way to edit these images but it’s an easy way that works for me! I then screenshotted it and added it to Flickr to embed here: