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Stop Copying Me

I think the copyright law is an important aspect in the world of writing, but the digital world makes it more and more difficult for copyrighting to stay safe. So many things are available on the internet against copyright, trademark, and other laws. I know if my work were used without my consent, I would feel used and angry for not receiving recognition for my own work.

The fair use doctrine is an important aspect of copyright laws. It makes sense for certain purposes to allow people to use copyrighted work. If they are citing the source, commenting on it, or using small portions of the work for educational purposes, those using the work are not taking it and claiming it as their own. And this is not bad considering those who pretend work is theirs when its not.

In relation to both the fair use doctrine and the creative commons movement, I think it is fair to release information to non-profits or even students, as long as the copyright owners consent to it. If the copyright owners have no problem sharing this information for free with certain people who are using it for the right reasons, and again not claiming it as their own, I don’t see a problem at all with this plan.