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The Traveling Serf

Another audio assignment i chose was Hear it Here. This assignment included thinking of a bunch of homophones and writing either a poem or short story that includes them. I chose it because it seemed interesting and a little difficult to write something with a Lot of homophones in it. A lot of homophones are hard to get to work together. My title phoning home is also supposed to be a play on “homophone.” In order to do this assignment I just listed a bunch of homophones on a piece of paper, and then I set to writing a poem. After that, I recorded it to sound-cloud and posted that here.


Out went the serf
to see the surf
you see
this male
did mail himself
to be
instead of watching bees
and watching dear
my dear
the surf couldn’t bear
to only be able to read
or hear
he longed to be amongst the reids
not wood
oh would you leave
the place of leaves
to see
would you rather know
or no? a new place like
the sea?