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For our last assignment this week, July and I collaborated on Who Called? (4 stars). We set up this phone call to take place before our last two assignments from this week. In this phone call, Edie is attempting to contact Isabelle in order to gain information about the process Isabelle, a famous scientist, used to isolate the poison from the Aconite flower. Isabelle realizes this and is concerned.

We chose this assignment to set up the trip Edie takes to New York to meet Isabelle and what happens after. This trip can be seen in the story map we made, as well as the short story we wrote. In order to make the call, we used sound effects from freesound.org, and our voices.  We also used the Audacity program to put them together.  I wrote the script and afterward, we met up in Jepson Science Center to edit the script and record ourselves.

Here is our phone call: