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Another Audio Assignment i chose to do this week was Make it 800% slower (3 stars). I chose this because I wanted to see if a song that I slowed down would sound as good as the one that music producer Nick Pittsinger slowed down, U smile.

When I first started this assignment I was trying to use the song “Crazy Rap,” but I was having trouble getting it to sound the way that I wanted it to. So, instead, I switched to Right Now Na Na Na by Akon. I chose this song because I thought it would sound better when slowed down.

In order to make this song sound the way it does now, I imported it to Audacity. Then from there I went to the Edit  menu and clicked Select –>All. Next I clicked Effect–> Change Speed. I used the menu that popped up to slow the speed down by dragging the toggle to the left. After that edit took place, I did almost the same thing, except I clicked Change Pitch, instead of Change Speed, and I dragged that toggle to the right.

I did not slow down this song as much as Pittsinger slowed down U Smile,  but it sounds somewhat ambient. I’m not sure how Pittsinger had the patience, or the time to slow down that song, but I am going to go ahead and assume he had better audio editing software because Audacity was taking forever to change anything, and it even took over 10 minutes to save this. (Furthermore after that, it took what might have been forever to load to soundcloud). I slowed my song down by about 100% and increased the pitch to make it sound more normal and less dark and creepy. I also cut out a lot of the song in order to get it to fit onto soundcloud and also in a wordpress post. The first few times it was too large, so I had to cut it pretty short. So what you will be hearing is a slowed down section of the song from the beginning!