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For our last assignment this week, July and I collaborated on Who Called? (4 stars). We set up this phone call to take place before our last two assignments from this week. In this phone call, Edie is attempting to contact Isabelle in order to gain information about the process Isabelle, a famous scientist, used to isolate the poison from the Aconite flower. Isabelle realizes this and is concerned.

We chose this assignment to set up the trip Edie takes to New York to meet Isabelle and what happens after. This trip can be seen in the story map we made, as well as the short story we wrote. In order to make the call, we used sound effects from freesound.org, and our voices.  We also used the Audacity program to put them together.  I wrote the script and afterward, we met up in Jepson Science Center to edit the script and record ourselves.

Here is our phone call:



For another post related to my character, I chose Autotune Something (1 1/2 stars), in which you have to pick something that is not generally musical and autotune it. I chose this post because i only had 1/2 star left to relate to my character and this was to fill that little gap. I also picked it because I wanted to hear how different things sounded when autotuned.

For this post, I was going to use the canary noise that relates to most of my character posts, but that didn’t seem to change when autotunes. This was most likely because birds have great tunes already. So, instead, I chose to use the chainsaw noise that I used in my Sound Scape post from this week.

For this project, I used garageband and opened up the chainsaw sound effect from freesound.org that I had used. I then edited the sound to be at 100% auto-tuned. After that, I saved it, uploaded it to soundcloud and posted it here:


Another Audio Assignment i chose to do this week was Make it 800% slower (3 stars). I chose this because I wanted to see if a song that I slowed down would sound as good as the one that music producer Nick Pittsinger slowed down, U smile.

When I first started this assignment I was trying to use the song “Crazy Rap,” but I was having trouble getting it to sound the way that I wanted it to. So, instead, I switched to Right Now Na Na Na by Akon. I chose this song because I thought it would sound better when slowed down.

In order to make this song sound the way it does now, I imported it to Audacity. Then from there I went to the Edit  menu and clicked Select –>All. Next I clicked Effect–> Change Speed. I used the menu that popped up to slow the speed down by dragging the toggle to the left. After that edit took place, I did almost the same thing, except I clicked Change Pitch, instead of Change Speed, and I dragged that toggle to the right.

I did not slow down this song as much as Pittsinger slowed down U Smile,  but it sounds somewhat ambient. I’m not sure how Pittsinger had the patience, or the time to slow down that song, but I am going to go ahead and assume he had better audio editing software because Audacity was taking forever to change anything, and it even took over 10 minutes to save this. (Furthermore after that, it took what might have been forever to load to soundcloud). I slowed my song down by about 100% and increased the pitch to make it sound more normal and less dark and creepy. I also cut out a lot of the song in order to get it to fit onto soundcloud and also in a wordpress post. The first few times it was too large, so I had to cut it pretty short. So what you will be hearing is a slowed down section of the song from the beginning!


Try to escape

Sound Scapes (4 1/2) stars told us to use only found sounds in order to create a sound piece. I chose this assignment because it reminded me of one of the assignments we had done previously in this class, so I had a basic idea of how to start it. Another reason why I chose it was because I thought it would be a good assignment to relate to my character and possibly to use for our radio show “the MaNOIRpulators.”

In order to d this assignment, I picked a bunch of sounds to use. Some are similar to the ones I had used before, others are new but related to some of my previous posts about Edie, and others I added to tweak the previous stories for effect. All of the sounds I used can be found on www.freesound.org. I then added them all to Audacity, and moved them around into the order I wanted them and I repeated some of those sounds which I thought should continue for a longer period of time. For a few of them, I adjusted the speed or the pitch by clicking on Change Speed  or Change Pitch from the Effects menu.

This sound scape tells a story with sound. It is related to a bunch of my previous posts, but the object most obviously linking them is the chirping of a canary. It gets a little gross in the middle, just so you’re aware, anyways I hope you like it!




Can you guess this reversed song?

For 2 1/2 stars this week, I did the Reverse Audio Quiz assignment. I chose this because it looked like a fun thing to do, and because I was curious about how some songs would sound backward. While doing this assignment, I ended up messing around a lot. I recorded myself saying a whole bunch of palindromes (words that are the same backwards as they are forward: racecar, hannah, kayak) and reversing them to see if they sounded the same. My favorite palindrome I came across was “kinnikinnik.”

In order to do this assignment, I imported a song to Audacity and from the Edit menu, selected Select –> All, and then from the Effects menu I selected Reverse. This easily reversed the song for me. After this, I exported the file so that I could save it and uploaded it to soundcloud. The point of this assignment was to see who could guess the song first, and below it are 3 hints if you need them. So, can you guess it?


This is a song that I really like in reverse! Can you guess what it is?

Hint 1: It came out in 2010

Hint 2: It is by lifehouse

Hint 3: the title I gave it, is the title in reverse


Let me know your guesses!

Shut up Tom

For another one of my audio assignments I chose the Family table. This post included a dinner table conversation of your family in which you acted out every part. Although mine is fictional I think it is pretty accurate. It includes my sister Amanda, my two brothers- Tom and Matt, and my parents (me too).  In a manner of speaking, it also includes one of our cats too. His name is Blackjack and almost every time we eat dinner he is close by watching, waiting, or even trying to get some for himself.

In order to do this post I recorded myself talking on GarageBand. Before that I wrote out a quick couple lines- just some ideas, but it actually wasn’t as hard as I expected. I guess I do have a lot of experience of these instances!

The Traveling Serf

Another audio assignment i chose was Hear it Here. This assignment included thinking of a bunch of homophones and writing either a poem or short story that includes them. I chose it because it seemed interesting and a little difficult to write something with a Lot of homophones in it. A lot of homophones are hard to get to work together. My title phoning home is also supposed to be a play on “homophone.” In order to do this assignment I just listed a bunch of homophones on a piece of paper, and then I set to writing a poem. After that, I recorded it to sound-cloud and posted that here.


Out went the serf
to see the surf
you see
this male
did mail himself
to be
instead of watching bees
and watching dear
my dear
the surf couldn’t bear
to only be able to read
or hear
he longed to be amongst the reids
not wood
oh would you leave
the place of leaves
to see
would you rather know
or no? a new place like
the sea?

Goodbye Jimmy

I chose emotions through sound (3 stars) as one of my audio assignments because I think being able to portray emotion through only one sense can be very dramatic. Another reason I chose this assignment is because it requires the use of overlapping sounds or sound effects. I thought it would be a good challenge for me to try this, especially since I had some trouble not only finding good sounds to overlap for both my bumper and my sound effect story, but also making them sound nice when overlapped.


This track is supposed to portray an emotion. For this I chose to do sadness. Although it may seem like it’s two emotions, it is really just one. In the beginning the church bells and the woman sobbing are supposed to be sadness, and as the track goes on you hear a weird sounding voice calling out and then she screams. The woman calling out and the scream represent the memory the woman is having while she is crying in church at Jimmy’s funeral.

I chose the name Jimmy from one of the characters in the show American Horror Story who ends up disappearing for a short period of time.

In order to make this track, I used three sounds from the free-sounds webpage and I put them into GarageBand. I also recorded my own voice as the woman speaking in the memory. The sounds I found online can be seen below. After I created the sound on GarageBand, I uploaded it to iTunes and then soundcloud to post here!

church bells

woman crying

woman screaming

Bumps and Bruises

My DS 106 radio bumper! (2 1/2 stars)

For this Post I wanted to try make something that was a little bit creepy. At first I wanted to make something that was more “horror film” than the noir of the 1940s and 50s, but I decided I would try to do something that was more relevant to those times. One thing I do like about this bumper is that it can be interpreted a couple different ways. See if you can figure out why it is called “without a knock.”



In order to do this post, I used sounds both from GarageBand and a few from the free-sounds webpage that we were advised to use. Instead of downloading the sounds, I just re-recorded them onto my computer because it was easier to get them into GarageBand in this way. Also, it wouldn’t take up the space I had in my computer. I did enjoy overlapping some of the sounds for this project– It gives it a more realistic sound than when one effect would just stop and another would begin.


Sounds I used

heavy breathing

door opening


I also used a jazz clip I found on GarageBand.


For my Audio Assignment Sound effect story ( 3 1/2 stars) I made a short video that covers the sounds that Edie hears one night. This occurs with one of my other stories for her– The one that takes place in my post a canary.

In order to do this assignment I use GarageBand. The sound effects that I chose included an old phone ringing, thunder, a woman scream, gunshots, heavy footsteps, and dramatic piano. The piano and the thunder were included in GarageBand, but the phone, woman, and gunshots were off from YouTube. I Added these affects to GarageBand and overlapped some of the sounds, then converted that to an iTunes song and uploaded it to sound cloud. There is also a random background noise from GarageBand in this that I thought I added a special Erie tone.



I forgot the name of whoever’s blog I was reading, but I found that during this post I had some common problems. I was trying to listen to sound effects and I kept getting creeped out and had to take breaks. I kept thinking that my parents are going to hear the screams downstairs and come running up to see if I was okay. But I closed my door and tried to keep them quiet so that wouldn’t happen. At one point I thought about adding in door squeaking open but every sound effect that I could find for it sounded just like farting or a noise that was so high-pitched it hurt my ears. So I opted out of that and just stuck with the dramatic piano.