This week our group (Kendall Parker, Brianne Comden, Amanda Layton, and I) started thinking about our Radio Show. We came up with the name “the MaNOIRpulators. We texted a lot, sharing ideas and tweaking each other’s to come up with a summary that appropriately combined our characters’ stories. I’m very excited about what we came up with. I think their lives and the relationships we have set up for them will intertwine very well. Our background right now is that my Kendall’s character and Amanda’s are friends who come up to visit Kendall’s character’s cousin, my character. The friends end up trying to seduce the same mysterious man. This starts and ends with trouble as well as flashbacks to words from the cousins’ grandma.

Aside from deciding this general background, we have all worked on our own to make posters, logos, bumpers, and other audio pieces to be used within our radio show. So far, I have begun working on a poster for our radio show as well as a bumper. The poster I’m making contains a photo that I took on campus. Also, one bumper/commercial I’ll be finishing up tomorrow is based on the picture as well. The picture I took can be seen below to give you an idea of what’s coming!


for radio show


I have also been going through my posts about my character and my group’s characters to find more ways in which their stories could possibly overlap, and there’s a couple possible connections I’ve found that I will be bringing up in our group meeting. This meeting will be tomorrow morning. We are meeting to work on the dialogue of our story and expand the background, plot, and more details!

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