Overall, I’m very happy with how our radio show the MaNOIRpulators turned out. Kendall, Breezi, Amanda and I put in a lot of effort to write the dialogue, combine our characters’ stories and to get the show done. We paid special attention to the time periods, and made sure that everything that happened went along with our characters’ personalities.

Listening to the show and reading tweets started out pretty stressful. We assume there were technical difficulties when the beginning started playing and overlapping itself over and over. At that point, we were all confused and tweets were coming in from people saying it was an interesting effect or that they hated it. Either way there was nothing we could do about it! There was also some more parts later in the show that were skipped or overlapped and I think that was annoying because it changed the smoothness of our show. Still, I think the show went well. Everyone loved our noir cat and tweeted their praises about it! And a bunch of people enjoyed some of our weird creepy lines and the suggestive behavior of some of the characters.

If we could do it differently, we would probably find a real man to play Dwight instead of just deepening Kendall’s voice, even though it was funny.  I think another things we would do differently is how we recorded it. It may have been smoother and clearer if we used better equipment or the same location. I know personally, I would have rather recorded at a time I didn’t have a cold.

What I enjoyed most about the project was writing and making the commercials. They all had completely different tones and audiences. I could feel myself trying to get creative in order to make them happen. I also liked working with other people to get the project done. It was fun! What I didn’t like about it however, was speaking my part. I’m very camera shy and I get stage fright easily. Recording my voice this way was a similar action for me and made me very nervous. So, I had to get over that and record.

The hardest things about this project was finding time to meet. We all had busy schedules and there were little times when the 4 of us were all available. Because of this, we made the best of it that we could and met in separate and varying groups.

If I were giving advice to future ds106 students as the begin the radio show project, I would have to tell them to start early and try to have it done before its due. This way, if you need extra time, you have it. I would also let them know that it’s fun as long as you put the effort into it.


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