This is a video of 5 things that bring me joy. I made this video for one of my daily creates this week

First there are two clips of my cat who always makes me happy whenever I’m home. Next is a baby who I used to babysit, her name is Natalie and she is so adorable! Then, a video of my teammates doing a ball-handling drill we sometimes do at practice. My team is the group of people I spend most of my time with and they always bring me joy! Next, a video of my friend Nick singing “we are never getting back together” after breathing in helium. We have been friends since we were 3 and he can always bring a smile to my face. Finally, the last video is of a really fat manatee I caught on video a few years ago in Florida. I really liked manatees, so I thought I would include this!

In order to make this video, I opened iMovie and added all the clips to a new project. I rearranged the order and exported the video to youtube. There, I went to the video manager and added the song “End of Summer” to the audio.



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