Batman has problems with breakfast

For my 3 daily creates this week, I did breakfast selfie, 15 seconds batman, and made an inspirational poster with words I have said.

The breakfast selfie includes two chocolate chip eggo waffles as eyes, a pop-tart package nose, and a banana mouth. These are all framed by a frying pan face!

good morning

For 15 seconds batman, I actually did a couple attempts. I’m used to drawing lazily and my first two takes were just an outline of a head! So in my 4th 15-second interval, i finally got some sort of body for batman! (Tho, he is pretty scrawny…)


The inspirational quote was probably the hardest because I didn’t want to re-use any old quote that I had read before. I tried to get something a little more life-lesson ish. This way, it would be of a personal thing, and something I’ve said. I used this mountain and hill image to represent the different proportions of problems.


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