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BWA at Work

This week we began our case files for the BWA which included me updating on my personal blog as well as our BWA blog.

While we were investigating the disappearance and possible catnapping of NoirCat. I updated you about our progress 4 times.

1. Beginning Our Work  2. Evidence   3. Updates  4. And End and A Beginning

I also updated the BWA website including these posts:

  • Help Find Noir Cat: a post including flyer I made in the beginning of our search for her.
  • Evidence 3: a post including a design I made of the box that deactivated NoirCats’s tracker
  • Scenes and Leads: a post including pictures from downtown Fred that I took .
  • Evidence 5: a post including pictures I obtained or designed for the soft paws
  • Piece of Mind: a post including a couple designed objects I did as well as some Grandma made.


I also with the help of my friend Aubrey Howland, submitted a  Assignment Bank Assignments which can be found here and here. I used the first assignment to make the “MISSING” poster for Noir Cat to help us find her in our Agency’s assignment. And I used the second to design the box that deactivated Noir Cat’s tracker.

Here is her helping me submit the assignments:


Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 5.02.43 PM





Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 2.17.46 PM


here is the flyer I made:

missing noir cat

and here is the designception picture

opened box w/ chip and magnet in



She also helped me submit two daily creates. One in which you draw a cell. The trick is it can be any kind of cell, plant, animal, jail, etc. And you only have 20 seconds!

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 1.46.09 PM


The other daily create is one where you sing “Old MacDonald” but with more exotic animals than you ay find on a farm. This picture has it as “video” but I switched it to “audio” right before submitting it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 1.54.54 PM


With both of these Daily Creates, I just wanted to spice things up a little, so I thought I would put a little twist in each one. I think they’re pretty fun!



11:11 Make a Wish- Done

I wished to get my assignments done, and look it happened!

  • I completed 11/10 stars of assignments, including
    • Designing a Website Logo (3 stars)BWA logo


    • Making a Pinterest Profile and Boards (2 stars) which I highly recommend! They give you some great ideas for work, clothes, and more!
    • Updated myResume (3 stars) a little just in case I want to take on a new adventure in addition to my bar and the BWA.
    • I created a Warning Poster (3 stars) to warn men about the MaNOIRpulators, trying to give them a fighting chance against us, but more hopefully a chance to treat women correctly and with respect.
  • We created our agency’s website, which can be found here: BWA Website
  • I completed 2 Daily creates
    • Save Noddy with photo-editing in which I saved him from the trash and took him to a theme park to ride the roller coasters!
    • roller coaster car for noddy
    • A birthday card for Maggie from a picture that I found online and added a textbox and balloons to!
    • Happy Birthday Maggie

10 comments: one, two, three, four, five, six, seveneight, nine, ten.


I also started brainstorming to come up with Assignment bank assignments, and I think I have a pretty good idea for one that I will be posting sometime this coming week !

Eden 10

To Do list is complete

  • 15 stars of video assignments:
    • A Day In the Life of Edie. (5 stars) Get a look into some of my everyday routine, and some not so everyday things…
    • PSA BWA (5 stars) in which I gave a public service announcement from the BWA to the community.
    • Conversation with Myself (5 stars) in which I shared a glimpse of my internal struggles.
  • the interview
  • changing over: I spent this week truly finding myself: Eden Waz, and learning who I am
  • organizing: the maNOIRpulators were accepted into BWA in WIDOW!!
  • 3 daily creates: found here :)
  • 10 comments some from Aubrey, some from Edie (we got a little mixed up) : onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten
  • from the extra credit show from monday, here is a glimpse at some of my tweets


My week 9 triumphs:

  • My Radio Show Final Reflection. In this post I review my thoughts on our radio show, the MaNOIRpulators. 
  • 2 daily creates Mondays- staircase to your dream, and Wednesdays- recycle junk mail
  • Radio Show Tweet Along and Blog. This week I listened to “Get A Clue.” It was a really good show and I loved how they used monologues.
  • Learning How to Read a Movie and Applying this in a Video Essay- this was one of the hardest things this week because I ran into some trouble downloading clips and getting them into my video. It was also hard to get/find the clips I wanted to use from the movie. I actually had to go with my second choice of scenes, which made me glad that I had actually made sure to select a few.
  • Made a Choice- hopefully the right one- to do 8 stars of assignments. I did 10
  • and set up a character category (proof below) and here is a link: Edie Waz
    • Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.43.03 PM
  • comments


8 simple rules

for week 8 i made my character’s twitter and email, and promoted it myself


did my radiolisten and listened to house of noir as well as noir we there yet. I also listened in and tweeted alone to our show the MaNOIRpulators!

I got inspired by July LaszakovitsAmanda Laytonkkroehl (Kim), and Stephanie Henderson!

3 dailycreates which i discuss here

10 stars of assignments in which i collaborated with July again. We did a storymap (4) that depicts a trip our characters took and then took that a step further by using a random word story (3) to give it detail. Lastly, we did Who Called? (4) which was a phone call where our characters first communicated. Although out of order, we used this call to set up their trip. So in total this week we did 11 stars :)


onetwothreefourfive,  sixseveneightnine, and

and my comment on this photo makes the tenth:

Self Portrait



Cause 7 was intimidating

(the title of this post answers the question of week 6’s title.)

Weekly Summary 7! How has it already been 7 weeks??

This week we had to complete

3 daily creates

Joy  where I shared a video of 5 things that bring me joy including my adorable noir cat! :)

(2) Lady eagles in which i made an action photo of myself. this post also includes my 3rd daily create, the alternative high heel where I made a heel using my pillow pet.

10 more comments

1. I commented on this video on youtube: (I didn’t embed this to avoid making it look like my work)

2. dailycreates        3.  heels tdc     4.  action    5.   emojis and heels   6.  more heels   7. powers  8. intense emojis  9.  why so serious  10.   warning

our second radio show progress post


and finally our finished radio show!

Why was 6 afraid of 7

Weekly Summary 6 Post

  1. Radio Show Progress: For our radio show this week, we came up with a name, and background story. We met this morning to discuss dialogue and more of the story. I posted about our progress yesterday, but since then we have agreed on a lot more. Anyway, I don’t wanna give too much away, so I’ll stop there!
  2. Radio Show Design Project: I created a bumper sticker to promote our radio show and blogged about it here. It includes a photo that I took of the snow on campus.
  3. Radio Listen-along: I listened in to the radio show on Thursday night and tweeted along. I liked the second story a lot more because it seemed more creepy, mysterious, and exciting. Some tweets are shown below

and the tweet that I was beaten to (my favorite of the night)

4. Comments (at least 10)

1. Brianne’s maNOIRpulator poster, 2. Kendall’s Can you feel it?, 3. Neo-noir and progress by Jsteward, 4. It’s like karaoke,  5. Slamina, 6. more maNOIRpulators, 7. cat calls, 8. mr grumpy gills, 9. icons,  10. fatale’s mystery


5. Audio Assignments (10 stars-5 related to characters):

The Reversed Song Quiz (2 1/2 stars) in which I reversed a song I like and gave 3 hints to see if anyone could guess it.

Sound Scapes (4 1/2 stars) in which I related a sound scape/sound story to my character Edie.

Make is 800% slower (3 stars) in which I slowed down the song Right Now Na Na Na to make it more ambient.

Autotune Something (1 1/2 stars) in which I autotuned a chainsaw that relates to my character through my sound scape post.



And all that sums up the week! This week was actually more fun that I thought and I can’t wait to keep working on and developing our radio show!!

5 Designs-and Rings

1. my reflection of the vignelli canon in which I cover my thoughts on some of Vignelli’s intangible and tangible concepts.

2. wrote about my views on copyright issues

3. Created a design blitz in which i shared the art of a couple of my roommates and wrote about the design concepts of color, unity, rhythm, and balance.

4. Three TDCs

Draw a David…That David in which I helped wish David Kernohan a happy birthday!

Pick a Super Power in which I chose Wolverine’s healing abilities.

Play with your food! in which I made some jewelry out of real food. For this, I made a Valentine’s-themed ring!

5. 12 stars of design assignments (6 around character) (I did 14 1/2)

Of Bananas and Minions (3 stars) in which I made an add for chiquita bananas using the minions from despicable me

Jim Groom-Noir Detective (4 1/2) in which I made Professor Groom into a movie poster using Ace Ventura

Edie’s life banner (4 stars) in which I made a website banner using images related to my noir character

Edie Inked (3 stars) in which I drew a tattoo for my character that related to design concepts we learned.

6. i watched the Lebowski, which was a very funny movie and wrote about my thoughts on LA in the 90s and and the design of noir in this film

7. Still thinking about assignment ideas and tutorials!


A few of my Comments:

on this:

Just married - Lifesaver style

comment 2

comment 3

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Fantastic Four

1. Audio reflections  in this Post I reflected on the audio in storytelling. I watched the opening shots of the movie “touch of evil,” I read about sounds and film noir, and I listened to the radio broadcast “double indemnity.” I did however miss the live tweeting session with one of the radio shows. I actually didn’t notice that there was only a certain small amount of time to do that until after the chance was gone. This was probably due to me making up late work, but it’s too late to fix that since all the live tweeting is over :/

2. I did my 2 daily creates.

-Making and “I’m sorry” photo. I did mine about the Patriots. I personally think its funny, but some people may not enjoy it. I don’t intend it to be offensive, just in good humor.


and international dot day. I tried to be especially creative with this one. The picture is actually a dot of my pillow pet named “Dot”! dot-ception!

dot the pillow pet

Both these photos are posted on flickr and are blogged about here.


3. My radio bumper (2 1/2 stars)  is titled “without a knock” while the blog post for it is called “bumps and bruises.” The bumper is titled “without a knock” because the tile is supposed to lead into what you hear in the bumper. The post is called “bumps and bruises” because it’s about making my first radio bumper in which I counted some problems. So I’m trying to portray these problems by saying that doing the bumper gave me some bumps and bruises. It is also a play on the word “bumper.”

4. Audio Assignments ( 8 stars) i did 10 (maybe maybe this can make up for me messing with live tweeting?)

Sound Effect Story (3 1/2 stars) this is a little similar to my bumper but its actually related to my character, specifically to a post I already made about her. It’s hard to write about this story since people are supposed to hear it first, so I guess I will just say that someone does get shot.

Emotion Through Sound (3 stars) this assignment is similar to the sound effect story as well as the bumper. It’s a thirty-something second track that portrays and emotion. In my track I decided to use the emotion of sadness. Specifically, it is a woman sadness at the death of her son.

Hear it Here (1 star) this assignment is the dictation of a poem that I wrote that includes a random amount of homophones that I could remember.

The Family Table (2 1/2) this assignment is me dictating a conversation between myself and the members of my family while at the dinner table. Including myself, there are six people and I’m not used to using different voices so they might sound similar. Either way I think it’s a pretty accurate example!

5. Brainstormed some radio show ideas. My favorite of my ideas is the fourth one, which would be a story combining the noir characters of everyone in the group. I’m actually excited to expand upon all my ideas, but especially this one!

6. I’ve been experimenting with both GarageBand and Audacity. So far, GarageBand has proven slightly easier for me to get the hang of. Either way, I’ve tried to make some fun overlapping beats/sounds but my sense of rhythm is very bad and everything just sounded horrible! Hopefully soon I’ll be able to make something that sounds good and share it :)


some comments:

i commented on this pup


and here’s some comments on posts that i switched up the names on:


She’s not the man

bumps in the night



I’m a Noir-tist

This week, I organized my blog, by adding categories and links to the menu

completed my 3 daily creates:

parks and rec 2048 …i keep playing this

paper sculpture this was interesting with my wrist

instructions for something you use daily brushing your hair!

did my 10 points of visual assignments

what’s in your bag (3) A look inside Edie’s purse

A-Z Food Collage (2) Just alphabetical food items

Post-It Notes And Grocery Lists! (2) Edie’s lists

word cloud (1) includes words about Edie

glitch art (2) a very refined llama


completed my photo safari  by taking pictures of noir themed objects/ situations

 reflected on the visuals of storytelling

and thought about the visuals of noir in storytelling


comments- i forgot which posts I commented on because I didn’t realize we had to include them in our posts… I know one was on Amanda Layton’s photoreflection because I remember how cute her dog was :)

some tweets