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Over the last few days, our evidence has increased in number. Now, in addition to the ransom note, we have NoirCat’s tag and collar which were found a good distance apart. Also, the collar had Maggie’s name scratched out. We also found a device at Groom and Daphne’s that we believe was used to deactivate NoirCat’s tracker. Below is a picture of the device. And here is a link where we discuss our finding of her collar and tag. The link includes pictures as well.

opened box w/ chip and magnet in


In addition to this, Jewel interviewed Daphne. This came back with some interesting results. To listen to the interview, and read the dialogue, you visit our website here: Daphne Interview.

So far most of our evidence leads us in the direction of Groom and Daphne as the main suspects in the catnapping. However, we have yet to rule out any suspects and more searching must be done in order to find the truth behind this crime. We will continue our investigation this week. Stay posted.


Beginning Our Work

This week the BWA received our first case. As excited as we were to get started, we were disappointed to find out the details. Who would catnap Noir Cat?! This crime against all things noir definitely fired our passions and we got to work. We were grateful to Maggie Black for filing a Missing Cat Report with us; however, this does not rule her out as one of our current suspects. Because Noir Cat has disappeared not only from our lives but also the digital world we were really concerned. Who could have done this? So my cousin Jewel set out making a suspect board. Our main suspects include: Maggie Back, Jim Groom, Daphne (Groom’s dog), and Joan Crawford (the doctor who installed Noir Cat’s tracking chip that is conveniently no longer working). Jewel also collected the pieces of the ransom note that Daphne had partially eaten. Daphne is looking very suspicious currently, but that may be too cliche. Her owner, Jim Groom was also very quick to blame her which makes me wonder about him. Either way it’s too soon to tell. All we can do right now is study our evidence, look for more evidence, and look for Noir Cat.

Personally, my first thought was to get the word out that Meowdred Pierce, our beloved Noir Cat was missing. So I designed this flyer to raise awareness and hopefully aid our search.

missing noir cat


This case is very important to us and I’m glad the the BWA is on it because we will find whoever has Meowdred.

You can follow our progress and see Jewel’s suspect board on the BWA’s website here.


Edie Waz

Got A Clue

This show started out pretty interestingly. The creepy door gave me the chills. And I also really liked the intro to the story of Lawrence, who died. He sounds like a bit of a wild man, saying he is “usually the hunter” and gets tons of women. One thing I would have liked from him though is more emotion in his voice. Still, Tiffany’s coworker did a great job on his monologue.

The sound effects in this show were also very good. The effects and music tied in really well with the show. I loved the ones of the women during Lawrence Spitler’s monologue: the moan and the laughter.


My biggest critiques of the show would be the volume. I had it turned up all the way on the radio and on my computer but I couldn’t hear. Also, some of the monologues had a few errors that seemed like they could have taken out or fixed but didn’t. Small bugs though! The storyline and monologues were still really great and they did a wonderful job collaborating without meeting!

Inspire Me-Ow

For my last inspire post, I chose Stephanie Henderson’s In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle. Below is what I posted with on Inspire for it:

This post is a short story written by Stephanie Henderson. She used 10 random words and an animal to make it and had to find ways to make them all relate. 

I found this story inspiring because it well very well written. The dialogue includes banter between characters that makes you feel like you’re there. I actually felt like I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds, or CSI or something. Even with the short story, I could imagine the chemistry between the characters. I also liked the inclusion of the noir cat. 

While reading the story, I actually imagined the noir cat knowing what happened to the man and returning later in the story. But, the story was short and ended so I guess I’ll never know if the noir cat came back!

I also found this picture on google to represent the story. It was hard to find it to add here because Google was just a link to pinterest where I had to find the picture again. Then, this was a link to another website where I had to locate the picture one last time. I think its a good image for the story!

noir cat tree

the inspiration of character

I was also inspired by kkroehl this week. As I described in the post on the Inspire sight, I love reading everyone’s characters and learning about them, so I had to post about someone’s character. They’re all inspiring to me and I thought Sasha Kellogg would be a good example! Here is what I said on the site:

One of my favorite things on everyone’s websites is their characters. I love reading about the different personalities they give to them. I think its really interesting to read all of the individual basckstories and see how these characters develop throughout the new posts. So, while looking through these posts, I decided to post one on the Inspire page. 
Sasha Kellogg is a very different character from most of the ones I read. She was brought up in luxury at first, but her whole world turned. Now she is pretty traumatized and seems to not be able to trust anyone.
I was inspired by the information on this character because of the development Sasha went through. Everything that was described about her made sense, and you can almost picture a time-line of her emotions. Being consistent in character development is very important, and I think Sasha Kellogg is a great example of that consistency.  

Sasha Kellogg was a different character than many of the other ones I’ve read about. You can read about her here!

cupcakes are pretty inspirational

For my second INSPIRE post this week, I shared a post by Amanda Layton. Her post Let’s Get Blitzy was her photoblitz design assignment. Below is what I wrote about why it inspired me:

I was inspired by Amanda Layton’s “Let’s Get Blitzy” post which includes a bunch of pictures that describe certain concepts in art. She chose to do the words color, topography/form/unity/balance, message, proportions and rhythm, and minimalism. 
This work inspired me because of the way she used perspective in all of the photos. Four out of five of the photos were of cupcakes (or something related), but she used them to express different concepts. This is inspiring to me because it gives me a new perspective. It showed me how you can find different meanings and messages in very similar things. I also liked how she used the concept of color to emphasize that color can be used to make a small intense statement, and not overwhelm or just be colorful. Still, my favorite part of her post was that she used cupcakes in general! They were cute and looked delicious, plus anything done with food gets bonus points in my book!

This is a picture of one of the cupcakes she used. It was chocolate-covered cherry flavor and represented the concept of color in her post. It was also used in her representation of proportion and rhythm along with another cupcake. This cupcake looks absolutely heavenly and I’m very jealous of whoever ate it! It would definitely inspire me to have one ;)

amanda cupcake

A Trip and a Fall


3 stars: I worked with July Laszakovits and we combined not only our characters, but also our assignments. We created a story map to depict the traveling that occurs during this story assignment that includes 10 random words and an animal of our choice. The ten words and the animal are underlined (the first time their used) in the story.

Eden Waz after learning and rectifying the death of her husband by murdering the man who took his life, was fed up with bad men. She kept hearing on the news the stories of the robberies and murders occurring in Andorra, a small country in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. She had been researching and trying to figure out who it was and how she could stop it. She read online of a famous Scientist who isolated a poison from the Aconite flower and set out from Philly to New York to seek this Scientists help.

After arriving in New York City, she finally met the woman she had been waiting for, Isabelle Franklin. The women grabbed lunch at the Irving Mill Restaurant and discuss Ms. Franklin’s techniques. However, Edie was unable to be discrete and Isabelle quickly picked up on her intentions. Fortunately for Edie, Isabelle also deplored the freaky violence that was ensuing in Andorra and pledged to help her. She even offered to pay for Edie’s flight since she could afford that and more. Edie, already gracious for her help, thought this was a bit excessive, but she accepted the offer as she remembered the dwindling state of her bank account. So the two set off and flew into France, the closest airport to their destination.

They spent a few nights in France researching the crimes. This serial robber and murderer had killed 31 people already, at least that was how many bodies had been found so far. The women were even more appalled when they went closer to the source to gather info. It seemed that someone had been going to great lengths in attempt to cover up details of the killings, but some information still surfaced.

Huge craters were left in the hearts of the families of the victims, especially those who were set up to find their loved ones. Edie and Isabelle wanted this to end. They had deduced that the murderer was royalty, for who else could have access to the poison from the blubber of the lilotee fish, a rare and expensive fish found only in remote bay off Madagascar. The poison was not meant to kill the victims but to paralyze them, so they could still see and feel what was happening to them, their slow and agonizing dismemberment, but nothing could be done about it. That’s why these murders had to end.

Upon their sleuthing around the kingdom in Andorra, Edie and Isabelle came across one of the Prince Jasper’s mistresses. She knew what he had been doing, but feared for her own life as well as her young son’s if she should tell anyone of it. Isabelle, offering the young woman and her son safety and an escape back to America to work in her home, was able to coax the information from her.

With the help of Andrea, the mistress, the women were able to come up with a plan to end the murders– with one final one.

Andrea who could not bring herself to do it, snuck Edie into the Prince’s home and showed her what to do. Isabelle had injected the Actonite poison into the bedtime snack of the Prince, who every night engorged himself with mini-franks and horseradish. Edie carried the snack up to the Prince, pretending to be the newly hired help. After the Prince had eaten about half the platter of food, she told him that he was caught, and he was done. But this wasn’t enough. She wanted him to feel the pain of everyone he had hurt. So, she unveiled every cloaked mirror in the narcissists bedroom. And made him look into the reflection of his own eyes as the poison slowly took effect.

The poison of the flower being nearly untraceable was not found in the Prince’s system. And the lack of heirs to the throne caused the monarchy to crumble. Edie, Isabelle, Andrea, and her son returned to the US with clear consciouses, but heavy hearts.


The first post I chose for Inspire was July Laszkovits’s audio assignment post: DNA: A Poetry Reading.

I was on July’s page looking for posts about her noir character because we plan on meeting this evening to work on our 10 collaborative character stars. One of our mutual friends who knew we were both in the class had previously given us each other’s phone numbers in case we wanted to work together and I thought this would be a great opportunity. I also thought it would be good to break away from my radio show group for a few assignments, just to mix things up a little. So, while reading a bunch of her posts, I came across this one and it seemed so different from all the other students’ posts I’ve read and/or commented on. It was like nothing I had done either. This post stood out to me and I really liked all the aspects she put into it. While I was sitting and thinking about this, my brain went “hey, this is perfect for one of the Inspire posts! I think it is a great example of something that inspires me because I wasn’t even trying to be inspired when I got to it! So then I went to the page and posted about it, describing what it was and why I chose it. This is what I said:

This post is a poetry reading that I found while looking through people’s blog sites. I listened to a few different (and some pretty bad) audio assignments, but I wasn’t even looking for my inpire pages yet, when I found this. I think that July did a great job on this assignment. I love how she made such simple changes to the poem that affected it a great deal. The few words that were added intensified the notion that the poem was to her character’s father and about her both longing for him and feeing bitter at the same time. In her post, she also put a picture of the actual poem beneath the reading that she did which helped you to both feel and know what she was saying. I also loved the picture she put in for it on soundcloud. It’s really cool and science-techy which is appropriate for the poem and her character who is a scientist!

What inspired me was the feeling she was able to create for her character within the poem and by adding the extra lines. All of the components in this post came together so well. I felt like I was listening to Isabella Franklin (July’s character) reading the poem herself as if in a reflection of past time with her father. The poem also talks about Fathers specifically in the transfer of DNA which ties in so well to her story! The post was simple, but well done, well thought out, and inspiring!

Stop Copying Me

I think the copyright law is an important aspect in the world of writing, but the digital world makes it more and more difficult for copyrighting to stay safe. So many things are available on the internet against copyright, trademark, and other laws. I know if my work were used without my consent, I would feel used and angry for not receiving recognition for my own work.

The fair use doctrine is an important aspect of copyright laws. It makes sense for certain purposes to allow people to use copyrighted work. If they are citing the source, commenting on it, or using small portions of the work for educational purposes, those using the work are not taking it and claiming it as their own. And this is not bad considering those who pretend work is theirs when its not.

In relation to both the fair use doctrine and the creative commons movement, I think it is fair to release information to non-profits or even students, as long as the copyright owners consent to it. If the copyright owners have no problem sharing this information for free with certain people who are using it for the right reasons, and again not claiming it as their own, I don’t see a problem at all with this plan.