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Got A Clue

This show started out pretty interestingly. The creepy door gave me the chills. And I also really liked the intro to the story of Lawrence, who died. He sounds like a bit of a wild man, saying he is “usually the hunter” and gets tons of women. One thing I would have liked from him though is more emotion in his voice. Still, Tiffany’s coworker did a great job on his monologue.

The sound effects in this show were also very good. The effects and music tied in really well with the show. I loved the ones of the women during Lawrence Spitler’s monologue: the moan and the laughter.


My biggest critiques of the show would be the volume. I had it turned up all the way on the radio and on my computer but I couldn’t hear. Also, some of the monologues had a few errors that seemed like they could have taken out or fixed but didn’t. Small bugs though! The storyline and monologues were still really great and they did a wonderful job collaborating without meeting!


Overall, I’m very happy with how our radio show the MaNOIRpulators turned out. Kendall, Breezi, Amanda and I put in a lot of effort to write the dialogue, combine our characters’ stories and to get the show done. We paid special attention to the time periods, and made sure that everything that happened went along with our characters’ personalities.

Listening to the show and reading tweets started out pretty stressful. We assume there were technical difficulties when the beginning started playing and overlapping itself over and over. At that point, we were all confused and tweets were coming in from people saying it was an interesting effect or that they hated it. Either way there was nothing we could do about it! There was also some more parts later in the show that were skipped or overlapped and I think that was annoying because it changed the smoothness of our show. Still, I think the show went well. Everyone loved our noir cat and tweeted their praises about it! And a bunch of people enjoyed some of our weird creepy lines and the suggestive behavior of some of the characters.

If we could do it differently, we would probably find a real man to play Dwight instead of just deepening Kendall’s voice, even though it was funny.  I think another things we would do differently is how we recorded it. It may have been smoother and clearer if we used better equipment or the same location. I know personally, I would have rather recorded at a time I didn’t have a cold.

What I enjoyed most about the project was writing and making the commercials. They all had completely different tones and audiences. I could feel myself trying to get creative in order to make them happen. I also liked working with other people to get the project done. It was fun! What I didn’t like about it however, was speaking my part. I’m very camera shy and I get stage fright easily. Recording my voice this way was a similar action for me and made me very nervous. So, I had to get over that and record.

The hardest things about this project was finding time to meet. We all had busy schedules and there were little times when the 4 of us were all available. Because of this, we made the best of it that we could and met in separate and varying groups.

If I were giving advice to future ds106 students as the begin the radio show project, I would have to tell them to start early and try to have it done before its due. This way, if you need extra time, you have it. I would also let them know that it’s fun as long as you put the effort into it.


House of Noir We There Yet

House of Noir was the first radio show I listened to. While I liked the show, especially the creepy/crazy fangirl, I had a little trouble following. Most of my issues were with the volume. Some of the characters or commercials were so low that I put my volume up on high, then it switched to another person whose voice/recording was so loud I pulled the earbuds right out cause it hurt.

Some other parts I enjoyed aside from the fangirl, were the commercials. The airline one sounded so real and the one for getting a British accent was funny too! I also liked the sound effects. The beating heart had to be the best one because it actually affected my own heart rate! My second favorite sound effect was the background noise of people talking and coughing. I felt like I was in the room. The crying and footsteps were pretty good, too.

a couple tweets

I also stuck around for Noir We There Yet. 

The volume in this one was even throughout, and my ears are very thankful. The commercial about burning the dinners was so perfect. It was vintage and hilarious. All the commercials were good in fact! The show was also very well written and easy to follow.

This entire show just seemed to roll along very smoothly. The storyline and commercials just seemed to flow.

I liked the footsteps in here too, someone was running away fast.

Tweets for this:


Cause 7 was intimidating

(the title of this post answers the question of week 6’s title.)

Weekly Summary 7! How has it already been 7 weeks??

This week we had to complete

3 daily creates

Joy  where I shared a video of 5 things that bring me joy including my adorable noir cat! :)

(2) Lady eagles in which i made an action photo of myself. this post also includes my 3rd daily create, the alternative high heel where I made a heel using my pillow pet.

10 more comments

1. I commented on this video on youtube: (I didn’t embed this to avoid making it look like my work)

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our second radio show progress post


and finally our finished radio show!


Week two was a lot more intense than week one for us. We texted a lot to try to get together, divvy up the commercial and bumper responsibilities, and figure out how to set up our show.

We met up Wednesday in my apartment to add the dialogue of the script to the plot of our story. We talked a lot and got a good chunk of it done. Later that night, we collaborated on google docs to add in some more and put in links to the sound effects we used from

The next day we changed up the plot in a big way. We changed the fates of a few of the characters. We were all very excited about our new plot because it made the storyline even better!

Kendall took over the responsibility of aligning all the audio in an audacity file, so as I got done the commercials I made, I sent them to her. The ones I made this week are below!

Two of these commercials are actually related to our radio show. I thought it would be fun and interesting to tie them into the story.

On Sunday we put together the bulk of the project, arranging all the rest of the audio that we hadn’t gotten done. Kendall and I took a selfie and tweeted about it

of course, I accidentally tagged the wrong Kendall, sorry @kendall_parker2!

So as of right now, we just have a couple more sentences to add to our show and then we are done! I can’t wait to share our story with everyone !!



For another post related to my character, I chose Autotune Something (1 1/2 stars), in which you have to pick something that is not generally musical and autotune it. I chose this post because i only had 1/2 star left to relate to my character and this was to fill that little gap. I also picked it because I wanted to hear how different things sounded when autotuned.

For this post, I was going to use the canary noise that relates to most of my character posts, but that didn’t seem to change when autotunes. This was most likely because birds have great tunes already. So, instead, I chose to use the chainsaw noise that I used in my Sound Scape post from this week.

For this project, I used garageband and opened up the chainsaw sound effect from that I had used. I then edited the sound to be at 100% auto-tuned. After that, I saved it, uploaded it to soundcloud and posted it here:

Try to escape

Sound Scapes (4 1/2) stars told us to use only found sounds in order to create a sound piece. I chose this assignment because it reminded me of one of the assignments we had done previously in this class, so I had a basic idea of how to start it. Another reason why I chose it was because I thought it would be a good assignment to relate to my character and possibly to use for our radio show “the MaNOIRpulators.”

In order to d this assignment, I picked a bunch of sounds to use. Some are similar to the ones I had used before, others are new but related to some of my previous posts about Edie, and others I added to tweak the previous stories for effect. All of the sounds I used can be found on I then added them all to Audacity, and moved them around into the order I wanted them and I repeated some of those sounds which I thought should continue for a longer period of time. For a few of them, I adjusted the speed or the pitch by clicking on Change Speed  or Change Pitch from the Effects menu.

This sound scape tells a story with sound. It is related to a bunch of my previous posts, but the object most obviously linking them is the chirping of a canary. It gets a little gross in the middle, just so you’re aware, anyways I hope you like it!




Don’t get MaNOIRpulated!

Below is the bumper sticker I created for our radio show! I chose to do a bumper sticker because I like this form of promotion. They are simple and to the point, but also intriguing; they give a little more info than a logo, but less than a poster. They are a happy-medium.

manoirpulated bumper sticker

The picture in the background is a photo of red snow. I took this picture myself using my iphone and then cropped it to be more bumper-sticker shaped. I found the snow like this, on the Anderson Center side of the walking bridge from Eagle Landing. The first time I passed it, I just looked and thought “hmm, I wonder who did that/college students are weird.” Then my next thought was that I should take a picture of it the next time I pass to use for class. So, I did just that.

Once I got it on my computer, I opened it in the photo-viewer and use the editing tools in the viewer to crop it. Then I added text boxes, typed up what I wanted, and changed the fonts around until I liked what I had. I also used a polish proverb that I got from the same website where I got Edie’s other proverb. You can find a whole list of them here.



This week our group (Kendall Parker, Brianne Comden, Amanda Layton, and I) started thinking about our Radio Show. We came up with the name “the MaNOIRpulators. We texted a lot, sharing ideas and tweaking each other’s to come up with a summary that appropriately combined our characters’ stories. I’m very excited about what we came up with. I think their lives and the relationships we have set up for them will intertwine very well. Our background right now is that my Kendall’s character and Amanda’s are friends who come up to visit Kendall’s character’s cousin, my character. The friends end up trying to seduce the same mysterious man. This starts and ends with trouble as well as flashbacks to words from the cousins’ grandma.

Aside from deciding this general background, we have all worked on our own to make posters, logos, bumpers, and other audio pieces to be used within our radio show. So far, I have begun working on a poster for our radio show as well as a bumper. The poster I’m making contains a photo that I took on campus. Also, one bumper/commercial I’ll be finishing up tomorrow is based on the picture as well. The picture I took can be seen below to give you an idea of what’s coming!


for radio show


I have also been going through my posts about my character and my group’s characters to find more ways in which their stories could possibly overlap, and there’s a couple possible connections I’ve found that I will be bringing up in our group meeting. This meeting will be tomorrow morning. We are meeting to work on the dialogue of our story and expand the background, plot, and more details!