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BWA at Work

This week we began our case files for the BWA which included me updating on my personal blog as well as our BWA blog.

While we were investigating the disappearance and possible catnapping of NoirCat. I updated you about our progress 4 times.

1. Beginning Our Work  2. Evidence   3. Updates  4. And End and A Beginning

I also updated the BWA website including these posts:

  • Help Find Noir Cat: a post including flyer I made in the beginning of our search for her.
  • Evidence 3: a post including a design I made of the box that deactivated NoirCats’s tracker
  • Scenes and Leads: a post including pictures from downtown Fred that I took .
  • Evidence 5: a post including pictures I obtained or designed for the soft paws
  • Piece of Mind: a post including a couple designed objects I did as well as some Grandma made.


I also with the help of my friend Aubrey Howland, submitted a  Assignment Bank Assignments which can be found here and here. I used the first assignment to make the “MISSING” poster for Noir Cat to help us find her in our Agency’s assignment. And I used the second to design the box that deactivated Noir Cat’s tracker.

Here is her helping me submit the assignments:


Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 5.02.43 PM





Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 2.17.46 PM


here is the flyer I made:

missing noir cat

and here is the designception picture

opened box w/ chip and magnet in



She also helped me submit two daily creates. One in which you draw a cell. The trick is it can be any kind of cell, plant, animal, jail, etc. And you only have 20 seconds!

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 1.46.09 PM


The other daily create is one where you sing “Old MacDonald” but with more exotic animals than you ay find on a farm. This picture has it as “video” but I switched it to “audio” right before submitting it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 1.54.54 PM


With both of these Daily Creates, I just wanted to spice things up a little, so I thought I would put a little twist in each one. I think they’re pretty fun!



Batman has problems with breakfast

For my 3 daily creates this week, I did breakfast selfie, 15 seconds batman, and made an inspirational poster with words I have said.

The breakfast selfie includes two chocolate chip eggo waffles as eyes, a pop-tart package nose, and a banana mouth. These are all framed by a frying pan face!

good morning

For 15 seconds batman, I actually did a couple attempts. I’m used to drawing lazily and my first two takes were just an outline of a head! So in my 4th 15-second interval, i finally got some sort of body for batman! (Tho, he is pretty scrawny…)


The inspirational quote was probably the hardest because I didn’t want to re-use any old quote that I had read before. I tried to get something a little more life-lesson ish. This way, it would be of a personal thing, and something I’ve said. I used this mountain and hill image to represent the different proportions of problems.


Stairs and Cycles

The two daily creates I did for this week were Monday’s staircase to your dream and Wednesday’s Recycle your Junk Mail into art.

For Monday’s stair case to your biggest dream, I chose to do graduating. Right now graduation is my primary goal. In order to reach graduation I need to finish up my last 9 biology credits, including a very challenging class: Biochemistry. So in order to do well in this class, I need to get good grades, hopefully A’s in my next couple quizzes and tests. To do that, I need to study and pay attention in class, which would be much easier if I got to class a little sooner than I usually do. So hopefully, the next few weeks I can suck it up and get there, take good notes, study, and get some good grades!


For the recycling of my junk mail, I took an envelope and opened it up. I then folded it diagonally in half and drew designs with some markers and highlighters on one side. Modeling the beautiful piece of art I made into a tiara is one of my roommates Sydney. My favorite part is that on the right hand side you can see the little ” place postage here” square. Upon dawning the tiara, she named herself princess of the room and started making declarations including some allowing us to keep pets in our dorm, which I can’t argue with.

Recycling Sydney

different abstracts of groom

the 3 daily creates i did this week were, the different sides of yourself, abstract art of your favorite moment of the past week, and the ransom note if jim groom were kidnapped.

the first one was the different sides of me. For this daily create i chose to depict 3 of my different selves. Top left, is myself as a sister. My sister and I took this snapchat selfie on christmas. It’s one of the few times of the year that I get to see her since neither of us is home frequently. The distance and us both getting older has made us closer and this picture together reminds me of that bond. The top right photo is my self as a friend, wifie, and roommate. As in some of my previous posts, this one includes my roommate Jayne. We have lived together for the past three years and she has become one of my best friends. We even refer to each other as “wifies” frequently. I always love this side of myself because Jayne and I have tons of fun together. The third, final, and bottom picture depicts my self as a teammate. It is of me, fellow noir-tist Kendall Parker, and our other teammate Caitlin. I like this picture because UNITY is one of the slogan’s of our team and a huge part of our mentalities since having come together around the concept. This picture represents a huge side of me and of all my teammates.

sides of me

The second daily create I chose was the abstract art of my favorite moment of the week. My favorite moment was Sunday when we came back to school. I had recently started a relationship and was eager to get back to school to see my boyfriend. This image includes some Xs and Os and I know everyone will understand that.


The third daily create I chose was the ransom note for Jim Groom. I googled his name and found this picture of him. I thought it was funny and so I added some words for that purpose. I also tried to make it a little more comedic by having the other professors “abduct” him and make the students have to rescue him as an assignment!

jim groom

Lady Eagles and dot

My third daily create of the week was to make in image suitable for an action film poster by turning it orange and teal. The picture I chose was an action photo of myself shooting a reverse layup.

Lady eagles

In order to make this picture, I duplicated the original file and opened both in the photo-editor on my computer. I messed around with the saturation and temperature until it was either blue or orange. Then I cropped the orange one and opened both in powerpoint. As seen below I put the orange on top of the other, added a text box, and screen shotted this photo.

how to lady eagles



another daily create I did this week was the #heelconcept alternative high heel. i chose to use my pillow pet, Dot. He actually made for a nice heel. Although difficult to walk in, my foot was very comfortable and his wings molded well to my arches!



This is a video of 5 things that bring me joy. I made this video for one of my daily creates this week

First there are two clips of my cat who always makes me happy whenever I’m home. Next is a baby who I used to babysit, her name is Natalie and she is so adorable! Then, a video of my teammates doing a ball-handling drill we sometimes do at practice. My team is the group of people I spend most of my time with and they always bring me joy! Next, a video of my friend Nick singing “we are never getting back together” after breathing in helium. We have been friends since we were 3 and he can always bring a smile to my face. Finally, the last video is of a really fat manatee I caught on video a few years ago in Florida. I really liked manatees, so I thought I would include this!

In order to make this video, I opened iMovie and added all the clips to a new project. I rearranged the order and exported the video to youtube. There, I went to the video manager and added the song “End of Summer” to the audio.



Sorry Dots

this post is going to be a summary of my two daily creates for this week. For the first one I chose the I’m sorry picture in which I typed over a photo of the New England Patriots. I thought this was funny although I realize some people may not enjoy it. Either way it was done in good humor rather than to be offensive, so I hope some of you enjoy it!


To make this picture all I did was open it up on my computer and put a text box over top and then change the font saved it and uploaded it flickr.


In My second daily create I chose was international dot day For this one, I thought it would be clever to make a dot of my pillow pet whose name happens to be “Dot.” Dot is a bumblebee whose gender sometimes changes. For the most part I think he’s a boy but on occasion when I like it better he gets to be a girl. However, since his stuffed animal, I don’t think this really affects his mentality at all.

dot the pillow pet

To create my dot of Dot, I opened this picture up on my computer and the editor and I cropped it into a circle then save that and I’ll put it to Flickr.