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For our last assignment this week, July and I collaborated on Who Called? (4 stars). We set up this phone call to take place before our last two assignments from this week. In this phone call, Edie is attempting to contact Isabelle in order to gain information about the process Isabelle, a famous scientist, used to isolate the poison from the Aconite flower. Isabelle realizes this and is concerned.

We chose this assignment to set up the trip Edie takes to New York to meet Isabelle and what happens after. This trip can be seen in the story map we made, as well as the short story we wrote. In order to make the call, we used sound effects from, and our voices.  We also used the Audacity program to put them together.  I wrote the script and afterward, we met up in Jepson Science Center to edit the script and record ourselves.

Here is our phone call:


A Trip and a Fall


3 stars: I worked with July Laszakovits and we combined not only our characters, but also our assignments. We created a story map to depict the traveling that occurs during this story assignment that includes 10 random words and an animal of our choice. The ten words and the animal are underlined (the first time their used) in the story.

Eden Waz after learning and rectifying the death of her husband by murdering the man who took his life, was fed up with bad men. She kept hearing on the news the stories of the robberies and murders occurring in Andorra, a small country in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. She had been researching and trying to figure out who it was and how she could stop it. She read online of a famous Scientist who isolated a poison from the Aconite flower and set out from Philly to New York to seek this Scientists help.

After arriving in New York City, she finally met the woman she had been waiting for, Isabelle Franklin. The women grabbed lunch at the Irving Mill Restaurant and discuss Ms. Franklin’s techniques. However, Edie was unable to be discrete and Isabelle quickly picked up on her intentions. Fortunately for Edie, Isabelle also deplored the freaky violence that was ensuing in Andorra and pledged to help her. She even offered to pay for Edie’s flight since she could afford that and more. Edie, already gracious for her help, thought this was a bit excessive, but she accepted the offer as she remembered the dwindling state of her bank account. So the two set off and flew into France, the closest airport to their destination.

They spent a few nights in France researching the crimes. This serial robber and murderer had killed 31 people already, at least that was how many bodies had been found so far. The women were even more appalled when they went closer to the source to gather info. It seemed that someone had been going to great lengths in attempt to cover up details of the killings, but some information still surfaced.

Huge craters were left in the hearts of the families of the victims, especially those who were set up to find their loved ones. Edie and Isabelle wanted this to end. They had deduced that the murderer was royalty, for who else could have access to the poison from the blubber of the lilotee fish, a rare and expensive fish found only in remote bay off Madagascar. The poison was not meant to kill the victims but to paralyze them, so they could still see and feel what was happening to them, their slow and agonizing dismemberment, but nothing could be done about it. That’s why these murders had to end.

Upon their sleuthing around the kingdom in Andorra, Edie and Isabelle came across one of the Prince Jasper’s mistresses. She knew what he had been doing, but feared for her own life as well as her young son’s if she should tell anyone of it. Isabelle, offering the young woman and her son safety and an escape back to America to work in her home, was able to coax the information from her.

With the help of Andrea, the mistress, the women were able to come up with a plan to end the murders– with one final one.

Andrea who could not bring herself to do it, snuck Edie into the Prince’s home and showed her what to do. Isabelle had injected the Actonite poison into the bedtime snack of the Prince, who every night engorged himself with mini-franks and horseradish. Edie carried the snack up to the Prince, pretending to be the newly hired help. After the Prince had eaten about half the platter of food, she told him that he was caught, and he was done. But this wasn’t enough. She wanted him to feel the pain of everyone he had hurt. So, she unveiled every cloaked mirror in the narcissists bedroom. And made him look into the reflection of his own eyes as the poison slowly took effect.

The poison of the flower being nearly untraceable was not found in the Prince’s system. And the lack of heirs to the throne caused the monarchy to crumble. Edie, Isabelle, Andrea, and her son returned to the US with clear consciouses, but heavy hearts.


Week two was a lot more intense than week one for us. We texted a lot to try to get together, divvy up the commercial and bumper responsibilities, and figure out how to set up our show.

We met up Wednesday in my apartment to add the dialogue of the script to the plot of our story. We talked a lot and got a good chunk of it done. Later that night, we collaborated on google docs to add in some more and put in links to the sound effects we used from

The next day we changed up the plot in a big way. We changed the fates of a few of the characters. We were all very excited about our new plot because it made the storyline even better!

Kendall took over the responsibility of aligning all the audio in an audacity file, so as I got done the commercials I made, I sent them to her. The ones I made this week are below!

Two of these commercials are actually related to our radio show. I thought it would be fun and interesting to tie them into the story.

On Sunday we put together the bulk of the project, arranging all the rest of the audio that we hadn’t gotten done. Kendall and I took a selfie and tweeted about it

of course, I accidentally tagged the wrong Kendall, sorry @kendall_parker2!

So as of right now, we just have a couple more sentences to add to our show and then we are done! I can’t wait to share our story with everyone !!


Edie Inked

For my last design assignment for the week, and my other assignment relating to my character, I chose ink (3 stars). I chose this assignment because I thought it would be a good assignment to relate to Edie and give another glimpse at who she is. She has this tattoo (about the size of a man’s palm) sitting just above her left hip. This tattoo does have meaning to her, it was not just randomly done. Whatever that meaning is tho, you will have to wait to find out!

I drew this tattoo on a piece of paper with a sharpie based on this image.

This tattoo is related to the design concepts of color and dominance. This tattoo was done in black on purpose. Edie wanted the absence of color. It is sending out a message for her. One of sadness and darkness and anger. The snake also represents dominance. It is the only tattoo she has on her body, which means it forces the eyes attention to it. The snake is also angry, showing another one of her emotions to its meaning.

Edie's inked

Edie’s life banner

I chose to create a website banner (4 stars)  for one of my design assignments this week. This website banner is related to my character, Edie Waz. It is a combination of some snippets of her life. Her bar, where she grew up, some things from the stories I’ve posted about her already, etc. I chose this assignment because I thought it would be a good way for others to gain interest in my character.

In order to do this assignment, I searched google for things related to Edie and saved the images. I then put them into a collage on powerpoint and screenshotted it. This was an easier way for me to make the collage than finding a software since the last time I tried to download a software to do an assignment, I accidentally downloaded spam to my computer. I am not letting that happen again; I have learned my lesson!



For my Audio Assignment Sound effect story ( 3 1/2 stars) I made a short video that covers the sounds that Edie hears one night. This occurs with one of my other stories for her– The one that takes place in my post a canary.

In order to do this assignment I use GarageBand. The sound effects that I chose included an old phone ringing, thunder, a woman scream, gunshots, heavy footsteps, and dramatic piano. The piano and the thunder were included in GarageBand, but the phone, woman, and gunshots were off from YouTube. I Added these affects to GarageBand and overlapped some of the sounds, then converted that to an iTunes song and uploaded it to sound cloud. There is also a random background noise from GarageBand in this that I thought I added a special Erie tone.



I forgot the name of whoever’s blog I was reading, but I found that during this post I had some common problems. I was trying to listen to sound effects and I kept getting creeped out and had to take breaks. I kept thinking that my parents are going to hear the screams downstairs and come running up to see if I was okay. But I closed my door and tried to keep them quiet so that wouldn’t happen. At one point I thought about adding in door squeaking open but every sound effect that I could find for it sounded just like farting or a noise that was so high-pitched it hurt my ears. So I opted out of that and just stuck with the dramatic piano.

Edie’s Cloud

In this visual assignment (1 star) I created a word cloud with words about my character Eden. I chose this assignment because I wanted to see if I could make the cloud seem noir and relate to her life.

In order to make it, i used this website, which is different than the one listed for the assignment. I did this because the other one would not work on my computer.

Below is my word cloud which includes the words Eden, Waz, dark, sinister, blood, mystery, secret, hidden, etc.

Edie word cloud

Edie’s Post-its

In this visual assignment (2 stars) I’m using my noir character, Edie Waz, as the post-it writer. Because of this, I don’t have any references to help with the context besides my older posts. Edie’s BagA Canary, and Her Introduction

I chose this post because I thought it would be another way to build my character as well as her mystery. In order to do this assignment, I put stickie notes on my computer, and typed them up to be her notes as if they were on her computer in her house or bar. Then I screenshotted them and added it to flickr to embed here:

Edie's post its

this post its include a grocery/shopping list, to do list, a random phone number, and an address and time which happens to be a cemetery in Port Richmond, after it closes.

Edie’s Bag

This Visual Assignment is the What’s In Your Bag? (3 stars) Assignment required for our characters.

Below is Edie’s Waz’s Bag

The items that fell out are:

  • duct tape
  • sunglasses
  • a bag of tissues
  • $20 bill
  • black ink pen
  • a bracelet, an earring
  • various credit cards and IDs
  • hand sanitizer
  • lip balm
  • gum
  • leather gloves (okay maybe they’re knit  mittens, but use your imagination)
  • a bag of pills
  • car keys
  • condoms
  • a knife

Edie Waz's Bag

We all know you can at any point find some interesting things in a woman’s purse, and the larger the bag, the more there’s room for. Edie doesn’t always burden herself with the weight or inconvenience of a large bag, but when she does, she means business. I would say each thing she carries has its purpose but sometimes thats not how things happen. Another thing I should point out, is not everything in there is always hers. Now, I know you may think thats a cop out for the baggie of white pills, but I wasn’t talking about that, or even the different IDs. No, those both have legitimate (at least she says their legitimate) reasons for being in her purse. What I’m talking about it the earring. The long, dangling earring with the small silver balls and cascading tassel of chains is not hers. But why would a woman carry around an earring thats not hers? It couldn’t be a friend’s, right? I mean she spends most, if not all, of her time around the men in her bar… The rest, the rest is hers. The small, worn black leather gloves, are hers. The plain black and darkly tinted sunglasses are hers. The silver medallion bracelet with a smudge on it is hers. The duct tape roll thats running out is hers. The mostly used black ink pen, the new bottle of twilight scented hand sanitizer, the cheap lip balm, the baggie of clean tissues, the Trident mint gum, the Saturn car keys, the Trojan condoms, the crinkled $20, and the small, sharp, folding knife are all hers. So whose earring is it?

the earring

A Canary

Writing Assignment (3 stars)

Random words: optional, source, decadence, bloody, kind, animal, biological, balloon, audio, halting.

Random animal : Canary

I am relating this post to my character!

Edie walked up to the bar. A deflated balloon blew in the cool night air is the rain splattered down around her. She heard the music still playing inside, the type of audio she didn’t want to hear. She heard a scream and it was halting. It sounded like an animal but she knew it was not of that kind. She decided she needed to find the source. She walked towards the building next-door and suddenly a bloody Canary flew right by her face. This freaked her out and although she knew it was optional she decided to continue looking to find the source of the scream. The ad on building next-door was for a rich chocolate cake covered in decadence. She wished she could be eating that right now instead of heading inside the slightly ajar door that should’ve been locked. As she walked inside she stepped in something wet, but it was not the same wet as outside. She turned on the light and noticed that it was not rain, but it was biological, it was blood. And right in the middle of the room, on a pedestal was an open canary cage.


Is this assignment because it looked really fun and sort of like a challenge and because it seems like something I could actually relate to my character.