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Shut Up and Dance With Me

for 3 stars I chose the Video Assignment Create a Lyric Video. I chose this because I have seen many of these videos on youtube and thought they were cool. They’re also very useful when trying to find out the lyrics to a song, or sing along with a song.

In order to make this video, I created a color scheme on powerpoint and set that as the background for this by putting it in iMovie. In iMovie, I added the song “Shut Up and Dance With Me” by Walk the Moon, which I downloaded from iTunes. I chose this song because it has been stuck in my head the last few days and I can’t get it out! Next, I added text to the clips in my iMovie. I looked up the lyrics on Google too, just to make sure I would get them right!

I used a bunch of different transitions and fonts, and in some parts I altered the background to go with the lyrics, to signify a part where there are no lyrics, or just to have something different.

Anyways, here it is!

What Wąż Is Frank

This week, I made the choice to do 8 stars of assignments. The first video assignment I chose was Vernacular Video– The History of a Word. It says to choose a favorite word and write about its history, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to tell the history of the name of my character, which I actually put a little more thought into than may have been expected. So, this assignment is the *4 stars* I’m relating to Edie. And because it has to include another character, I thought I would add similar information on July Laszakovit’s Isabelle Franklin.

In order to make this video I uploaded pictures I found on Google into iMovie on my computer. I then recorded myself on Audacity reading a short script that I wrote. I used Audacity instead of the record function on iMovie because I didn’t like how it was set up. So, after recording on Audacity, I exported my recording to iTunes and then uploaded it into iMovie. I then set the timing of the pictures to go along with what I was saying by adjusting the clips. Next, I exported the video and uploaded it to youtube! Hope you enjoy it :)


For our last assignment this week, July and I collaborated on Who Called? (4 stars). We set up this phone call to take place before our last two assignments from this week. In this phone call, Edie is attempting to contact Isabelle in order to gain information about the process Isabelle, a famous scientist, used to isolate the poison from the Aconite flower. Isabelle realizes this and is concerned.

We chose this assignment to set up the trip Edie takes to New York to meet Isabelle and what happens after. This trip can be seen in the story map we made, as well as the short story we wrote. In order to make the call, we used sound effects from, and our voices.  We also used the Audacity program to put them together.  I wrote the script and afterward, we met up in Jepson Science Center to edit the script and record ourselves.

Here is our phone call:


A Trip and a Fall


3 stars: I worked with July Laszakovits and we combined not only our characters, but also our assignments. We created a story map to depict the traveling that occurs during this story assignment that includes 10 random words and an animal of our choice. The ten words and the animal are underlined (the first time their used) in the story.

Eden Waz after learning and rectifying the death of her husband by murdering the man who took his life, was fed up with bad men. She kept hearing on the news the stories of the robberies and murders occurring in Andorra, a small country in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. She had been researching and trying to figure out who it was and how she could stop it. She read online of a famous Scientist who isolated a poison from the Aconite flower and set out from Philly to New York to seek this Scientists help.

After arriving in New York City, she finally met the woman she had been waiting for, Isabelle Franklin. The women grabbed lunch at the Irving Mill Restaurant and discuss Ms. Franklin’s techniques. However, Edie was unable to be discrete and Isabelle quickly picked up on her intentions. Fortunately for Edie, Isabelle also deplored the freaky violence that was ensuing in Andorra and pledged to help her. She even offered to pay for Edie’s flight since she could afford that and more. Edie, already gracious for her help, thought this was a bit excessive, but she accepted the offer as she remembered the dwindling state of her bank account. So the two set off and flew into France, the closest airport to their destination.

They spent a few nights in France researching the crimes. This serial robber and murderer had killed 31 people already, at least that was how many bodies had been found so far. The women were even more appalled when they went closer to the source to gather info. It seemed that someone had been going to great lengths in attempt to cover up details of the killings, but some information still surfaced.

Huge craters were left in the hearts of the families of the victims, especially those who were set up to find their loved ones. Edie and Isabelle wanted this to end. They had deduced that the murderer was royalty, for who else could have access to the poison from the blubber of the lilotee fish, a rare and expensive fish found only in remote bay off Madagascar. The poison was not meant to kill the victims but to paralyze them, so they could still see and feel what was happening to them, their slow and agonizing dismemberment, but nothing could be done about it. That’s why these murders had to end.

Upon their sleuthing around the kingdom in Andorra, Edie and Isabelle came across one of the Prince Jasper’s mistresses. She knew what he had been doing, but feared for her own life as well as her young son’s if she should tell anyone of it. Isabelle, offering the young woman and her son safety and an escape back to America to work in her home, was able to coax the information from her.

With the help of Andrea, the mistress, the women were able to come up with a plan to end the murders– with one final one.

Andrea who could not bring herself to do it, snuck Edie into the Prince’s home and showed her what to do. Isabelle had injected the Actonite poison into the bedtime snack of the Prince, who every night engorged himself with mini-franks and horseradish. Edie carried the snack up to the Prince, pretending to be the newly hired help. After the Prince had eaten about half the platter of food, she told him that he was caught, and he was done. But this wasn’t enough. She wanted him to feel the pain of everyone he had hurt. So, she unveiled every cloaked mirror in the narcissists bedroom. And made him look into the reflection of his own eyes as the poison slowly took effect.

The poison of the flower being nearly untraceable was not found in the Prince’s system. And the lack of heirs to the throne caused the monarchy to crumble. Edie, Isabelle, Andrea, and her son returned to the US with clear consciouses, but heavy hearts.


For another post related to my character, I chose Autotune Something (1 1/2 stars), in which you have to pick something that is not generally musical and autotune it. I chose this post because i only had 1/2 star left to relate to my character and this was to fill that little gap. I also picked it because I wanted to hear how different things sounded when autotuned.

For this post, I was going to use the canary noise that relates to most of my character posts, but that didn’t seem to change when autotunes. This was most likely because birds have great tunes already. So, instead, I chose to use the chainsaw noise that I used in my Sound Scape post from this week.

For this project, I used garageband and opened up the chainsaw sound effect from that I had used. I then edited the sound to be at 100% auto-tuned. After that, I saved it, uploaded it to soundcloud and posted it here:


Another Audio Assignment i chose to do this week was Make it 800% slower (3 stars). I chose this because I wanted to see if a song that I slowed down would sound as good as the one that music producer Nick Pittsinger slowed down, U smile.

When I first started this assignment I was trying to use the song “Crazy Rap,” but I was having trouble getting it to sound the way that I wanted it to. So, instead, I switched to Right Now Na Na Na by Akon. I chose this song because I thought it would sound better when slowed down.

In order to make this song sound the way it does now, I imported it to Audacity. Then from there I went to the Edit  menu and clicked Select –>All. Next I clicked Effect–> Change Speed. I used the menu that popped up to slow the speed down by dragging the toggle to the left. After that edit took place, I did almost the same thing, except I clicked Change Pitch, instead of Change Speed, and I dragged that toggle to the right.

I did not slow down this song as much as Pittsinger slowed down U Smile,  but it sounds somewhat ambient. I’m not sure how Pittsinger had the patience, or the time to slow down that song, but I am going to go ahead and assume he had better audio editing software because Audacity was taking forever to change anything, and it even took over 10 minutes to save this. (Furthermore after that, it took what might have been forever to load to soundcloud). I slowed my song down by about 100% and increased the pitch to make it sound more normal and less dark and creepy. I also cut out a lot of the song in order to get it to fit onto soundcloud and also in a wordpress post. The first few times it was too large, so I had to cut it pretty short. So what you will be hearing is a slowed down section of the song from the beginning!


Try to escape

Sound Scapes (4 1/2) stars told us to use only found sounds in order to create a sound piece. I chose this assignment because it reminded me of one of the assignments we had done previously in this class, so I had a basic idea of how to start it. Another reason why I chose it was because I thought it would be a good assignment to relate to my character and possibly to use for our radio show “the MaNOIRpulators.”

In order to d this assignment, I picked a bunch of sounds to use. Some are similar to the ones I had used before, others are new but related to some of my previous posts about Edie, and others I added to tweak the previous stories for effect. All of the sounds I used can be found on I then added them all to Audacity, and moved them around into the order I wanted them and I repeated some of those sounds which I thought should continue for a longer period of time. For a few of them, I adjusted the speed or the pitch by clicking on Change Speed  or Change Pitch from the Effects menu.

This sound scape tells a story with sound. It is related to a bunch of my previous posts, but the object most obviously linking them is the chirping of a canary. It gets a little gross in the middle, just so you’re aware, anyways I hope you like it!




Can you guess this reversed song?

For 2 1/2 stars this week, I did the Reverse Audio Quiz assignment. I chose this because it looked like a fun thing to do, and because I was curious about how some songs would sound backward. While doing this assignment, I ended up messing around a lot. I recorded myself saying a whole bunch of palindromes (words that are the same backwards as they are forward: racecar, hannah, kayak) and reversing them to see if they sounded the same. My favorite palindrome I came across was “kinnikinnik.”

In order to do this assignment, I imported a song to Audacity and from the Edit menu, selected Select –> All, and then from the Effects menu I selected Reverse. This easily reversed the song for me. After this, I exported the file so that I could save it and uploaded it to soundcloud. The point of this assignment was to see who could guess the song first, and below it are 3 hints if you need them. So, can you guess it?


This is a song that I really like in reverse! Can you guess what it is?

Hint 1: It came out in 2010

Hint 2: It is by lifehouse

Hint 3: the title I gave it, is the title in reverse


Let me know your guesses!

Edie Inked

For my last design assignment for the week, and my other assignment relating to my character, I chose ink (3 stars). I chose this assignment because I thought it would be a good assignment to relate to Edie and give another glimpse at who she is. She has this tattoo (about the size of a man’s palm) sitting just above her left hip. This tattoo does have meaning to her, it was not just randomly done. Whatever that meaning is tho, you will have to wait to find out!

I drew this tattoo on a piece of paper with a sharpie based on this image.

This tattoo is related to the design concepts of color and dominance. This tattoo was done in black on purpose. Edie wanted the absence of color. It is sending out a message for her. One of sadness and darkness and anger. The snake also represents dominance. It is the only tattoo she has on her body, which means it forces the eyes attention to it. The snake is also angry, showing another one of her emotions to its meaning.

Edie's inked

Edie’s life banner

I chose to create a website banner (4 stars)  for one of my design assignments this week. This website banner is related to my character, Edie Waz. It is a combination of some snippets of her life. Her bar, where she grew up, some things from the stories I’ve posted about her already, etc. I chose this assignment because I thought it would be a good way for others to gain interest in my character.

In order to do this assignment, I searched google for things related to Edie and saved the images. I then put them into a collage on powerpoint and screenshotted it. This was an easier way for me to make the collage than finding a software since the last time I tried to download a software to do an assignment, I accidentally downloaded spam to my computer. I am not letting that happen again; I have learned my lesson!