For another post related to my character, I chose Autotune Something (1 1/2 stars), in which you have to pick something that is not generally musical and autotune it. I chose this post because i only had 1/2 star left to relate to my character and this was to fill that little gap. I also picked it because I wanted to hear how different things sounded when autotuned.

For this post, I was going to use the canary noise that relates to most of my character posts, but that didn’t seem to change when autotunes. This was most likely because birds have great tunes already. So, instead, I chose to use the chainsaw noise that I used in my Sound Scape post from this week.

For this project, I used garageband and opened up the chainsaw sound effect from freesound.org that I had used. I then edited the sound to be at 100% auto-tuned. After that, I saved it, uploaded it to soundcloud and posted it here:

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