Edie Inked

For my last design assignment for the week, and my other assignment relating to my character, I chose ink (3 stars). I chose this assignment because I thought it would be a good assignment to relate to Edie and give another glimpse at who she is. She has this tattoo (about the size of a man’s palm) sitting just above her left hip. This tattoo does have meaning to her, it was not just randomly done. Whatever that meaning is tho, you will have to wait to find out!

I drew this tattoo on a piece of paper with a sharpie based on this image.

This tattoo is related to the design concepts of color and dominance. This tattoo was done in black on purpose. Edie wanted the absence of color. It is sending out a message for her. One of sadness and darkness and anger. The snake also represents dominance. It is the only tattoo she has on her body, which means it forces the eyes attention to it. The snake is also angry, showing another one of her emotions to its meaning.

Edie's inked

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