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For 3 stars, I did the design a website logo assignment.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to make a logo for our agency, the Black Widow Agency. I made this logo very simply. I went on Powerpoint and put “BWA” in a textbox. I changed the font until I found one I liked. I then right clicked on the background of the slide and clicked “Format Background.”  Here I changed the background of the slide to a deep red color. I also found an image of a black widow spider from Google that I felt would go well in a logo. I added this image to the slide, slightly overlapping the letter “W” with it. I had tried to use the spider instead of the “W” or the “A” but it looked better having all 3 letter in addition to the spider. After this, I put the presentation in play mode and screenshotted the slide. While screenshotting it, I used the selective screen shot to make the logo wider than a normal powerpoint slight which I think gives effect to my design. Next, I uploaded it to flickr to post here:


BWA logo

2 thoughts on “BWA logo

  1. Your logo is so simple but it captured my eyes so long. I really love it . I really liked that you chose different color for the cross on the spider’s body. Also, the way you put the spider was really clever! Nice job.

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